Tuesday, July 29, 2008

20 Weeks, 2 Days

This weekend Mom and Sista ML came to visit me in Bham. It was great to see Margaret Leigh- she just got back from Italia on Friday night and drove up on Saturday morning. What a trooper! On Saturday, the three of us drove to Tuscaloosa to move Smith's bed out of her old house. It was so much fun in the 100 degree heat. Smith, we were cursing your name... I'm only kidding! Kind of.
After returning from T-Town, we went to Lowes to get some stuff for the house. I guess I'm officially in "nesting" mode because I am really interested in organizing and cleaning right now. I have this urge to go through everything and get rid of the things that we don't need. Chappel won't be here for a few more months and she has already accumulated TONS of stuff! I need to make room... My mom brought up some of my baby clothes- the cutest smocked dresses and finally- she FOUND THE CHRISTENING gown. For those of you that have been keeping up, she has been on a mad hunt to find it for months. It's gorgeous- all lace and I absolutely love it. I'll take pictures and post later!

Oh-- I cut my mom's hair. I think it's cute! Belly pics coming soon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Smither's Maternity Fashions

As many of you know, sister Smith is a fashionista. She designs and sews her own clothes. Check out the maternity dress she made for me! It fits perfectly, but I'm about to outgrow the chest portion...
Isn't it great?

My First Post - 19 Weeks, 5 Days

So... I decided to start this blog because I figured it would be a great way for friends and family to keep up with my pregnancy and eventually baby Chappel! In case you don't know, we've already decided on a name for our future little girl: Chappel Leigh Curtis Williams. To avoid any confusion-- her name is pronounced like a church chapel. Her first name is a family name from my side. It's pretty and unique-- I just hope she doesn't have too many teachers & classmates call her something else. I remember how embarrassing the first day of school was... my teachers always made a big scene when they got to my name on the roll. I guess history repeats itself! Her first middle name is for both sides. For my little sister, Margaret Leigh and many others on my mom's side. Leigh is also a family name on Reed's side. Finally, Reed's maternal grandmother was Mary Curtis. I really like her name and think it has a good ring to it!

We bought a crib several weeks ago. We waited to find out the gender (17 weeks) and then ran into a deal that we couldn't pass up. The Bellini store in Homewood decided not to carry Bellini baby furniture anymore- weird, I know. They're changing their name and everything... but anyways we got the crib for 50% off!

Here's a pic of the crib crammed in our guest room! The guest room will eventually be converted into a nursery, but I am putting it off for as long as possible. Our house is a 3/2. However, we are currently using our third bedroom as a dining room. About a month before learning I was pregnant, my mom completely redecorated our dining room. We recovered my grandmother's dining room chairs, hung new curtains-- and it looks great. I can't bring myself to put it all away and into storage... so NO guest room it is. It was a hard decision to make, but we don't have guests too often!

My mom went to market in Atlanta and bought us this green chandelier. I love it!

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