Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hello blog!
As I'm laying here in bed I remembered that I have a handy dandy app on my phone just for blogging. So here I am.
Insomnia ain't got nothin' on me!

The kiddos are doing really well. Chaps is a complete mess and is often seen wearing multiple costumes at once. She's really into music right now and likes to perform for all of our friends. It's pretty funny. She's not really into kid music... She likes: Adele, The Beatles, Fun, Coldplat, Phish, that goyete guy- the list goes on and on.
After she hears a song a few times she has the entire thing memorized. I mean the
Her memory is proving to be quite amazing as we've realized that she has tons of her books memorized. Word for word. It's kind of strange when she "reads" to us, getting 90% of what's on the page correct. We know she isn't really reading, but I'm impressed that she can memorize a 30 page book!
Smart child... God bless us all.

Collier is still a sweet little angel boy. He's just happy to be here. Ugh we love him so much! He's so dern edible.
He started sleeping on his stomach 3 days ago-- he can't be stopped! I tried flipping him at first but it's a lost cause. He's still babbling a lot- dadaaa mamamma babbabab are his faves.
Still takes a paci unlike his sis at this age. I'm still giving him a bottle of b milk most days.
Hmmm... Thasss about it for the kids!

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