Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a lil'

bit excited about the wee man's bumpers...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Girl Bed!

What a milestone for us!

Yesterday, on kind of a whim, we decided to get Chappell her first big girl bed.

We did this because, Reed and I are still deciding if we want to sell or keep Chappell's crib for the next baby due to the drop down rail. We figured that we can't make any sort of decision, or try to sell it, until Chaps made a move.

So we headed over to good ole Big Lots and purchased a twin mattress and box springs.
Later on in the afternoon, Chappell was so excited about her "big girl bed" that we decided we should go ahead and set it up even though we don't have a comforter or actual bed yet. I'm hoping to get a day bed for her, we'll see if that actually happens. BTW, does this nursery/big girl room shopping ever seem to end?
I feel like I need so many things to get ready for this new baby... and I didn't really expect it to be this way at all!

Anyways... I'm totally rambling--- we went ahead and set up her new room and broke down the crib. I'm not gonna lie, I was really sad about this. I thought she had at least another month or so in the crib and I hadn't mentally prepared myself for this milestone!
The hours crept on by and it was finally bedtime.
We did the same routine as always... bath, books, rock & sing w/ mommy... then it was time for the big ollllllle bed.

I tucked her in and said goodnight.
She got out one time, I put her back in.
Sang one more song, and left again.
She babbled for a while and asked for help, but then went right on to sleep.
I actually woke her up this morning because I was nervous something was wrong! Yes, even though I could tell from the video monitor that she was totally fine.

Right now she is napping in her big girl bed for the first time and she hasn't made a peep. She went right to sleep.

What the heck? I thought this was going to be horrible?

Knock on wood, pray, cross your fingers-- do whatever it is that you do--- that it will stay this way!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Big News!

I can't believe I'm just blogging this now... in typical 2nd child fashion...

My 16 week appointment was Wednesday morning.
I paid for an extra ultrasound, just like I did with Chaps, so I didn't have to wait until 20 weeks to find out the gender.
Impatient much?
I wasn't nearly as anxious this go around as I was with Chappell, until the day before the appointment. Tuesday crept by so slowly!
Anyways, as soon as she put the ultrasound (wand?) on my stomach the baby rolled over and I caught a glimpse of his umm, you know, boy parts.
I told Reed and the tech that it was a boy immediately!
The tech said she needed to confirm that what I saw was in fact a little boy and not just swollen girl parts... she told us a few moments later that I was right!
Reed and I are both so excited. We couldn't believe it... I think we both thought after Chaps that we would have a house full of girls.
I can't describe how excited and happy I am to get to experience a little boy...
I never had a brother and I've always wondered what it would be like to have a boy in my family...
Even though this lil' man won't be my own brother, I'll get to experience what it's like to have a son... and I'm so excited to see his relationship develop with Chappellina throughout the years. It will be different, that's for sure.
Although I really want Chappell to have a sister some day, I think nothing could be more perfect for her than a little brother. Chappell is without a doubt the princess of our entire family and loves being the center of attention-- and the thought of having another little girl right after her made me a little nervous. I didn't want her to experience anger or jealousy... or question herself with another girl to compete with... does that sound weird?
I feel like a little brother will be much less threatening for her, and I think that will make adjusting to a new sibling much easier. She loves all things girly, but also loves to get dirty and play with the boys.

I really don't know what to expect but I can't wait to meet my little boy!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I think it's quite funny that after my last post, Chaps has been a perfect angel and in the best mood all day. I guess that goes to show you that toddlers have good and bad days like the rest of us...


I'm pretty lucky... if I don't have a shoot or something to do on the weekends, Reed gets up with Chappell and lets me sleep in.
It's especially nice (and appreciated) now that I seem to have insomnia with this pregnancy.

Feeling just a little bit *ick* on Saturday afternoon, it seemed like a good idea to treat myself to a real*non-diet*Coke.
It was absolutely delicious, but as I tossed and turned all night long I regretted my decision... no more caffeine after 2 for me! I'm such an oldie...
So Sunday morning finally rolls around and I mozy on downstairs around 9:30 am.
Chappell's been up for a couple hours already and has destroyed and unsorted all of the toy bins that I carefully organized only a week or so before (which is fine, but just a little unsettling).
I park myself on the couch with a cup of coffee and slowly adjust to the chaos that is Sunday morning with a two year old.
A few minutes later, a very excited Chappellina comes bolting towards me, full speed-- she's going in for a hug. It all happened pretty fast, but I ended up with a busted lip and my coffee ended up all over the white couch.
Don't worry, Chappy didn't get burned - the coffee wasn't even hot at this point.

I walked into the kitchen to get some paper towels and I couldn't help myself... in pain with a bloody lip, the tears just started to fall.
I'm just -- TIRED.
I'm almost embarrassed to publish this post because I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea... I love my little rambunctious two year old (and my life in general) more than anything in the world. I love everything about her-- and I felt so bad as her big, big blue eyes and chubby cheeks watched for my reaction.
Even with the countless (COUNTLESS!!) tantrums she had this week-- she's still perfect and wonderful in my eyes.

I guess the point is... I can't remember the last time she stayed with her grandparents for a weekend, giving me and Reed a little break... which is probably my fault, because I don't like her to be away... even for a couple of days. I used to do it much more often when she was younger, but now that she's become such a little person, it's getting harder!
It's two things I think-- first of all, I miss her like crazy when she's gone. Secondly, I am a control freak when it comes to my daughter. I'm with her all of the time and I know that no one cares about her as much as I do. I get a little worried and anxious when she's in someone else's care. I guess I'm scared they won't pay as much attention as I would and something bad is going to happen to her? Terrible, I know. I'm a freak.

I'm just tired and pregnant and busy and it's freaking hot--- I think a few days off would do me some good...


So when Reed asked if I wanted to go with him to Birmingham next Thursday & Friday for a CLE (legal course), I thought this might be the perfect little get away! Chaps is going to stay with Reed's mom and dad while I spend my days sleeping in and shopping for baby dos... we also plan on a little Gian Marcos and Bottega while we're there.

Back to work for me!!

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