Monday, November 30, 2009

Thannnnnnksgiiiiving, is a Special Time... (sing it)

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Reed's side of the family at Bay Point.
It was a lot of fun.
But, as usual, it was quite chaotic due to the fact that there are now four Williams grandchildren ages 4 & under attempting to coexist under one roof.
Just realized that this was my third Thanksgiving away from my side of the family... WoW... Weird...
Trying to remember Turkey day last year and my brain goes hazy... we were stranded in Birmingham alone (thanks fam) waiting on Chappy-doodle's arrival.

Back on track...

Wednesday was the day of departure. Reed finished work around lunch and we filled the Volvo to the brim. Ummm SUV, here we come?!
Everyone arrived and the madness began. Chappy tried cows milk (see previous post). Chappy loved cows milk. And all is right in the world... my world...

Thursday was the big day! We ate lots O food, played spades (I stink), and just hung out.
All in all, a perfect turkey day.
*Note to self... We should spend Thanksgiving with the in-laws every year. When I am at my parents house I eat far too much and feel absolutely awful. When with in-laws, one musn't act like a (completely) gluttonous pig.

Friday, most of the Williams clan drove over to Apalachicola so the kiddos could see Santa arrive on a shrimp boat. It has become a tradition over the past few years that is sure to continue... however, Reed and I politely (I hope) bowed out to watch the Iron Bowl.
We babysat MP while her parents were gone. It was very interesting to see what it must be like to have two kids. Or twins for that matter. To reiterate, MP and Chaps are only six weeks apart. We felt very lucky that Mary Parker is a much calmer baby than our own. Otherwise, it would've been one long day.
We determined that man to man defense was the best plan of attack. And that's what we did.

Saturday, Emily (Reed's mom) helped me put together the (never-ending) blue dress! I love it. I'm so glad that it's done. The construction side of smocking is going to take some practice. Eventually I'll get the hang of it...?

That's enough for now. I have hair to dry, laundry to do, presents to wrap & dinner to eat.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for!

Here are the pics:

Babies on a blanket...
11monthsold 032
How cute are they?
11monthsold 049

11monthsold 065
Chappy got a little excited...
11monthsold 066
Diggin' in. She was lovin' some turkey on her 1st Thanksgiving!
11monthsold 080
First ever family Thanksgiving pic.
11monthsold 084
Will & Brody...
11monthsold 115
The dress!!!
11monthsold 118
Up close... LOOK... feast your eyes on my blood, sweat & tears...
11monthsold 117
My baby wearing the dress! Chappell if you ever throw this away, I will haunt you. :)
11monthsold 120
Fascinated by the flash = funny faces.
11monthsold 123

The End!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gearin' up for Monnnnday

I guess I've been on a break (of sorts) from the blog.
At least for me.
It's been more than a week since I've written anything. I know you are dying, right??
I'm going to do my best to catch all of you (?if there is anyone?) up on our more than interesting life.

I think I'm going to do it like this...
I'm going to mention top 5 things that have happened in Chappy's life over the past week or so. I might just mention a thing or two about myself. And I apologize for that.

Here we go:

1) Chappy ate Chinese food for the first time and loved it.
This is huge for me. I love ethnic food (all of it) and hope this is something I can share with my daughter since my husband isn't such a fan. He suffers through all kinds of cuisine to make me happy. Although it means a lot to me, it's just not as enjoyable when you know that your date will inevitably be ill from your meal. Just sayin'.

2) HUGE MILESTONE. Chappy switched from formula to whole milk on Wednesday.
Oh my.
What a miracle this has been for us.
This is how it went down...
Chappell's formula (Enfamil Lacto-Free) was discontinued in May. I've been buying it online for months and it finally disappeared from the Net (as in InTeRnEt) a couple of weeks ago. Being so close to the 1 year mark, I didn't really know what to do...
Chappy's kind of picky (super picky) when it comes to her bottle and hasn't accepted other formulas when I've attempted to change. I called the doctor to find out what I should do... force another formula? And therefore make my life a living Hell... or make the switch to cows milk?
Thank the Lord, the doctor called back and said to go ahead and try cows milk.
Chappell loves it.
She's taking so much more milk than formula, going to the bathroom more (hallelujah!), and the savings!!!!!!!
Welcome back to my budget, 150 buckaroos a month!
We are so happy about this change...
Now if I could only figure out how I'm going to have her off of bottles in 10 days... not happening.

3) Thanksgiving. What a nice 5 day break from reality, ya know? I'm sure that I've gained 5 pounds. We had a wonderful time with Reed's side of the fam at Bay Point.
I've just decided that will be a separate post. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow...

4) I got Invisilign.
Oh wait, is this not about Chappy? Oops.
Let's just say it's super weird to have retainers in your mouth 24 hours a day (again). I spent about 7 years in braces. Currently, I'm wishing that I wore my retainers after the first go around.
I feel like I'm 12 and my husband refers to me as "plastique," pronounced: plas-teeeek.
My mother in law just got braces, too, so at least I wasn't alone this week with all of my dental gear.

Final # 5) This makes me very, very sad to report. Couch to 5 K had to end and I am so sad about it.
My knees started to hurt so bad that I could barely make it up the stairs. I've been off of them for 5 days now and they still ache. It's really sad. I was so excited about running... and the last thing I wanted to do was post about my failure... but oh well. I guess running's not for me. The elliptical will have to do. Sad...

Thanksgiving pictures and post to come soon... I hope!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bah ha ha

So please excuse the gi-nor-mous picture of me and Chappell at the end of my last post.
I'd already had a few birthday cocktails and was feeling especially sentimental!

What a perfect weekend.
I'm not feeling any older, or wiser... but I do feel like my twenty-sixth year is off to a good start! I'm trying (trying, being the key word) to make some changes for the better.
This includes taking better care of myself... which brings me to: Couch to 5K.
I ran a total of 6 days this week, and tomorrow will be the first day of Week 2.
We're kickin' it up a notch, and bumpin' it up a mile. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared.
Two miles seems like a lot... how pathetic am I?
It really is amazing, though... I just feel so much better. After only a week?

Enough about that, back to the weekend!
My parents came in town to help celebrate the big 2-6.
Friday night we kicked off the weekend with Old Florida Fish House for some delicious chow... including my favorite, sushi.
My sweet parents had a bottle of champagne waiting at our table. Bubbly's always a nice touch, and birthday tradition in our fam.

Saturday morning, Reed had a meeting in PCB. Although I was sad (actually, really sad) that he had to to work, I was quite thankful to have the parentals around to keep me entertained.
And they let me sleep in. HEAVEN!
Once we were up and about, we drove over to Eden State Gardens to take (yet another) stab at getting a Christmas card picture of the babe.
I'm just glad to say... Mission accomplished.
I am not going to share the actual picture (yet), but I'll share the runner up.
I'm glad my parents were here. This was no one person job.
My mom kept her from jumping in the fountain, my dad said "cheese," and I photographed. Whoosh.
Runner up:

10monthsold 097

After our photo shoot, we met Reed at Great Southern Cafe in Seaside. The weather was incredible. Live music... oysters... a bloody mary... it doesn't get much better!

Saturday night, mom and dad stayed home w/ the baby so Reed and I could go out to birthday dinner. We went to Borago and ate at the bar so we could watch the Bama game (Roll Tide).
Dinner was delish to say the least and SO much fun.
Thank you so much Reed for a wonderful birthday :)
PS: I love my gifts!

What a wonderful weekend with my family. I'm so lucky to have all of you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

To tie you over...

Here are a few older pics (older meaning Halloween...) that I just got from my dad's camera.
I have (like) five posts that I'm working on, but this shall do for now.

Here's a picture of me and my baby on my 26th birthday - today!
I'm so mad the flash wasn't set correctly.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day

I was more than thrilled to find out that Reed had Veterans Day off.
He doesn't get many days off... and an unexpected holiday in the middle of the week? It was like Christmas!
*In all seriousness, thanks to all that have served and are serving.

We decided to go to one of our favorite places around here for lunch:
Pizza by the Sea in Watercolor
The owners, Stacy & Bryan, are super sweet and they serve a mean (and affordable) lunch!
So, we followed our noses to the pizzzzzza.

We get a table. I plop Chappell's highchair cover in the seat and slide her little leggies & bottom into position.
The three of us are just sitting there, looking over the menu.
Ahhhhhhhh... such a pleasant scene.
I love going out with our little fam...
and then I look over at my baby...
who has just put something in her mouth...

"Reed, what did she just put in her mouth???"

There is nothing on the table. We haven't gotten our food yet.

I stick my finger in her mouth to try and sweep out this mysterious foreign object.
Can't get it.
She's squirming too much and clamping down in opposition.
Baby starts gagging.
BUT, she can breath.
Even though she's breathing, she is gagging and clearly uncomfortable. Sort of dry heaving.

I'm starting to freak out a little bit. Still in control (kind of), but freaking out, all the same.
Reed and I take her outside (with some water) to avoid causing any commotion inside.
The important thing is, she's breathing, but we still are unsure of what to do.
The (extremely nice) owner, walks outside and offers to call the Fire Department.
They are right next door and he insists!
So about 8 firemen show up in a fire truck.

They listened to her chest and throat to make sure nothing was "rattling" inside. They stayed until we could get her to drink some water to make sure her passages (?) were clear.
Apparently, she was finally able to swallow whatever it was that she ingested. And I'm going to check every diaper until I figure it out. Gross??

After that, we went back inside to eat our lunch.
Chappell was completely fine and dove right into my pizza... which was quite delish by the way.

Pizza by the Sea, you were SO sensitive and helpful during our scare.
Friends, you should check out their blog!

Do you ever feel like you cause trouble wherever you go?!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The River House and a Wedding

So last night's "Hurricane" Ida didn't amount to much. Just in case, I set up Chappell's pack n' play in our bathroom. Chappell and Reed snoozed right on through the storm, while I lay awake listening to the wind zipping past our windows. I've become such a light sleeper. Ever since ChaCha was born. It's terrible!
I grew up in the panhandle, so I'm pretty used to hurricanes and tropical storms.
My husband might beg to differ...
My only worry last night was that a stump or something heavy might come crashing (towards my face) through the window. Scary, or, weird?
This weekend we ventured up to Allison and Michael's river house.
I can't really tell you where it is, because I'm not exactly sure.
It's close to Selma, about 20 minutes from Montgomery, and 20 minutes from the McMahon's hunting camp, Panther Creek Lodge (site of the wedding).
All I know, is it's amazing! Michael's grandparents built the house about a year ago... and it's beautiful.
I think I was picturing some rustic cabin tucked away in the woods. I brought Chappell a warm blanket to sleep with thinking we might be without heat.
Clearly not the case.
Here are a few pics of Chappell and Riley-man playing.

11monthsold 001
Chappell bonded with Riley's teething-giraffe, Sophie. Who knew they made "teething-giraffes?" She carried it around the entire weekend. Which reminds me, I need to get on Amazon to find one...
11monthsold 010

11monthsold 012

11monthsold 015

11monthsold 017

11monthsold 018

11monthsold 021
ReeRee and two of his favorite frat bros, John and Michael.
11monthsold 022
The view from the back porch of the river house.
11monthsold 024

We had a great time spending so much quality time with our friends.
Friday night we cooked good food and had fun drinking a few adult beverages.
By day, we watched football and the babies play.
Saturday night was the wedding of Jane McMahon, the older sister of my BFF Ferrill (Chappy's Fairy Godmonther).
I can honestly say it was probably the most amazing wedding I've ever been to.
Two bands...
an oyster bar tent...
a tent where steaks were cooked to order...
It was seriously amazing.
We had a greaaaaaaaaaat time!
*I just wanted to document that last night was my first night of Couch to 5K. It went well! I bought some new running shoes today, and I'm looking forward to my run tonight!
Adios, baby weight!

4th Tooth

Weekend post coming soon... and Hurricane Ida!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hittin' the track

****Reed, stop now. You shouldn't read this. I know you don't like it when I talk like this... quick, shield your eyes!

9 months up, 9 months down.
Well that's what they say. About baby weight anyways.
As we hone in on the 1st anniversary of Chappell's arrival here on earth... a few pounds are still lingering.
Spare tire style.
I'm not saying things were (even close to) perfect before, but it was certainly better... that is before pregnancy chewed me up and spit me out.

I've decided to do something about it (again).

Dear friend Marlee, (mother of Eleanor, fellow memba of KD pledge class 02, smocker friend, etc.) told me about this running program she did a few months back. It sounded rather intriguing.
It's called Couch to 10K.
*I should mention, my goal is not to run a 10K.
That just seems a little too lofty a goal for myself. I'm aiming for a 5K.
This probably sounds silly to some, but I've never been a runner! I was usually the last one rounding the track in grade school... huffing and puffing the whole way...
Oh the chubby years...

I know I'm not the first to blog about this, but I'm mentioning it here in hopes that it will make me feel somewhat accountable.
I told Reed of my plans to start on Monday and he seemed to find some humor in the idea.

Me: "What's so funny?"
Reed: "I just think it's funny how you like to have all of these hobbies."
My brain: "?"
Me: "Thanks. And I still like smocking by the way."

Check out the website. I'm going to buy some running shoes when we get home on Sunday.

COUCH to 10K (in 10 weeks) and 5K (in 7 weeks)

I'm gonna die.


Chappell's 1st Birthday party invitations arrived yesterday. I can't wait to show them to you...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

For the record...

Since my last post, I've had several inquiries from concerned family members and friends regarding my comment re: pregnancy tests.

You can rest assured that I am:

I suppose to some, that may seem a little too personal to share.
However, since child numero UNO entered the scene, any time I feel sick/weird -- or even if my stomach growls... you guessed it...

Now on the other hand... if it was positive... I would not be announcing it here.
*At least for a while.
** That's not my test in the picture. Now that, would be weird.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween & Such

I've been slackin'... I don't know what it is. Lately, Chappellina and all of the endless weekend travels have been wearing me out. I was actually a little frightened that the Chapster might have new "friend" on the way, but two negative tests tell me that's not the case. I hope... Phew!

I'll just jump right in.

We spent Halloween in Pensacola at my parents house.
Since we never made it to a pumpkin patch here at the beach, the first order of business Saturday morning was: Operation Pumpkin Patch.
Not really knowing where to begin, I googled (duh): pensacola pumpkin patch
We found a rather promising patch about 30-40 minutes away with, oooooohhhh, a corn maze! Love the play on words...
So we loaded up the fam (sister Smith and parents included) and head towards the farm. Of course, I trusted my beloved husband with the directions. Why not?
Doesn't this sound like something he would be competent of? Right.
Reed forgot a few minor details...such as an exit number... we finally arrived after about an hour of looking.
We pull up... and see a house. With some corn.
And NO pumpkins.

I just wanted a picture of my kid with some freaking pumpkins.
I was almost positive that my (almost) 11 month old wouldn't have much fun being trampled in a maze of corn, so we headed back to town.
My sweet parents frantically whipped out their cell phones and called some of their friends with young children... trying to get the coordinates/address/location of any pumpkin patch in Northwest Florida.
I think they knew how important this was to me...

All we could come up with were the names of a few churches that were selling pumpkins.
One by one, each church was abandoned... all that remained were a few bales of hay and those mini pumpkins you put on tables... I think they're actually gourds... but that's beside the point...

Chappell, I failed you as a mother. I'm really sorry. Every child needs a picture in the pumpkin patch.
It's right up there with the Easter bunny... and SANTA!


Saturday evening we headed over to the home of Anne Brewer to celebrate one of my BEST friend's engagements. It was such a lovely party. The decorations were incredible- and I must say, I am not surprised! We had a blast at the party and partaaayed like rock stars in honor of Cover.

After the party, we headed to a local watering hole called The Fish House.
It seems as though we crashed the wedding celebration (not an actual reception) of the owner.
Then, I fell down the steps.
Face plant!
Injuries include, but are not limited to:
sprained left ankle
skinned/bruised right knee
skinned left hand
bruised right shoulder
skinned/bruised jaw & chin

One of my finest moments? I think so.
I vow to never ever attempt 5 inch heels again. Ever. It was bound to happen.


So we're back home, and I feel like we've caught up a bit. Right, blog?
We are leaving again Friday to go to a wedding near Selma, AL. We're super excited about the weekend... should be an awesome wedding and we're staying with our great friends, the Godwins. A reminder, their little boy is Riley, who was born three days before Chappell.
They are getting married in 2032.
Be back later!
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