Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day = Success!

This year, Reed and I spent Turkey Day solo in Birmingham. Reed's family went to their house at Bay Point, and my fam stayed in Pensacola since the college sisters wanted to be at home. Understandable, since they'll be spending Christmas here.
ANYWAYS, we cooked some of our favorite dishes... and they all turned out great! I didn't help much - and to be fair, I warned Reed beforehand. As my due date gets closer, standing for long periods of time in a hot kitchen sounded less than desirable. I did, however, cook my mom's sweet potato casserole and two pumpkin pies. Reed cooked the turkey, stuffing, cranberry & pomegranate sauce, squash casserole and rolls. We ate around 3:00 and then grazed for the rest of the afternoon. I found out the hard way that stuffing yourself when you're 9 months pregnant isn't so much fun. But at least you don't have to worry about looking fat... that's already a given!
Anyone reading who knows my family well will be glad to know that Sinrod (now Williams) home videos will continue in our fam with Reed as a new narrator! We purchased a video camera on Wednesday night, and let me tell you-- Reed will give the Doc a run for his money. He filmed our Thanksgiving experience and I'm a little scared about all the filming that is to come.
On a pregnancy note... I've been having some contractions... but they always seem to subside instead of increase in frequency. They hurt like hell but every time I start to feel them I can't help but be excited. Hopefully something soon!

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