Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yo friends.
I must first apologize that the blog's been so sickly as of late.
I'm starting to feel as if someone up there doesn't like me... I'm hesitant to report that I'm currently sick again!
Last weekend, I had the stomach bug.
This weekend, I have some icky sort of cold/respiratory bug.
What the heck?
I'm never sick.

We are in P-cola right now for mi mama's birthday.
Don't worry, Ma, I won't tell what number.
You can relax.

Yesterday was a big day for Reed.
He "inherited" four guns from my grandfather. Once could say that Reed gets a little spoiled around here... being the only boy.
We then ventured over to Mike's Gun Shop on Highway 29 where R purchased yet another gun. Reed's gun count went from 1 to 6 yesterday. I'm a little nervous about this.
Where will all of these weapons go?
Will we have to buy some tacky Browning/Jim Beam/Dale Earnhardt gun safe?
Will hunting become a new weekend obsession?
Dang it.
As if golf isn't bad enough.
I'm only kidding. But I better get to come along once in a while.

This one's quite nice... even goes with our beach motif. Too bad it's sold!!
Sister Lyle arrives from Bangkok in a couple of hours. Wahoo!

This is the last of the sick posts. I think.
Time for some positive thinking.
I will be better tomorrow, and ready for my mom's birthday luncheon.
Pics to follow!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Crawling back

I mean... what's the date? Where the heck have we been?

I wish I could say we've been on some awesome vacation... doing really cool things... but that isn't the case.
We've been home.
It's been one thing after the other with poor Chappy. I'm not sure if there's much point in rehashing.
Since it's all kind of a bllluuuuurrrrr now anyways...
But you know I like to rehash...

It went down like this:
Back to back ear infections, three courses of antibiotics, rampant diarrhea from said antibiotics, occasional vomiting from antibiotics, then a case of the stomach bug... and now a subsequent diaper ailment from the antibiotics.
I'm currently waiting on the Ped to call back with some sort of cream for her poor little bottom.
I must say, Chappell is the best kid ever (duh). She had a smile on her face 99 % of the time. Even after getting sick, she'd be right back to playing within minutes. The doctor's office commented on it every time... "I know she's sick, but she's so happy?"
That's just how Chappy rolls, I suppose.

We go back in a few days to see if the third antibiotic worked.
I have a bad feeling it hasn't.
Some might say I'm negative. But, I don't think I'm negative.
Anyone ever heard of mother's intuition?
I'm thinkin' it's (the ear infection) still there because Chappellina woke up crying several times last night. This isn't common for my marathon sleeper.
Every time I heard that piercing cry, my heart started beating a little bit faster and I could feel the stress of it all building in my chest. Lovely anxiety...
Thinking to myself, "I can't go through this again, I can't go through this again" over and over.
I don't know if most babies have the same experience w/ meds as she did...
But, antibiotics are hellacious for my small one. I should win some sort of award for all of the poo and vomit I've been submerged in over the past few weeks.

If you can tell by the tone of this post, I've gotten a little down over this whole thing.
-I know-
We are so blessed.
I want to say, I know it's not that big of a deal.
Things could be much worse-- Chappell doesn't have any sort of chronic medical condition - and we are so lucky for that.
But, I selfishly want things to go back to normal.
I don't want Chappell to have tubes put in her ears. Why?
I can't stand the thought of my baby being put to sleep for any sort of operation/procedure. This momma would be dru-gggg-ed out. I want Chaps to swim this summer. I hear tubes and water don't mix.
Lastly, I don't need another thing to worry about!
{BTW, Did I just refer to myself as "momma?" Reality check...}

SO, I ask that you keep us in your thoughts.
We find out Wednesday if the infection is gone or... not gone. It better be gone.

Being a mom... wow. It messes with my head.
It's awesome.
I love her more than anything on the planet. But geeee whiz... it changes you forever.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just not the best weekend

We all got the stomach bug. Even my mom.
I'll be back later...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back on BRAT

7 blowouts today. Now this antibiotic is tearing up Chappy's stomach.
Only three more doses.
Wish us luck.

**** UPDATE ****
Make that 9 blowouts and has vomited twice.

Back to the doctor tomorrow.
Hopefully her ear infection will be gone so we can stop using these awful antibiotics.

As I speak... 10 blowouts. Long night ahead.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Chappell told me "no" for the first time today.
It actually sounded more like "nuh." It was (to date) one of the funniest moments of my life.

Before I begin, I should mention that Chappell has become fascinated with opening and closing doors. She loves to peek her head around the door... make eye contact... then slam the door in your face.
Pretty funny - I get it.
As fun as this game may be for my little gal, I have to play Bad Cop most of the time for the sake of her tiny digits.

After sitting in the doorway to our bathroom ( & getting slammed repeatedly) for about five minutes, I told Chappell it was time to come out of the bathroom.

I motioned and said, "Chappell, it's time to come out of mama's bathroom. Come on."

She turned, looked straight at me and said "NUH" while shaking her head from side to side.

And I died laughing.

Ever day Chaps is taking a few steps and is doing something new. She's become a little mimic and will copy words from time to time.
This kid is keeping me seriously entertained.

Did I mention that Chappy can read?
The book might be upside down... and Chaps is likely speaking her own language... but it's a start.
Oh, toddler hood is before my very eyes.


A year later @ the beach

I can't believe it's already been a year.
Exactly a year ago (today), we moved down to the beach from Birmingham with a six week old baby. What were we thinking, you ask? I have no idea.
It's been hard... an adventure for sure... but it's been fun, too.

They say it takes about a year for a place to feel like home. I'm not sure I'm quiiiiite there yet, but I'm getting there. It gets easier every day.

I took these pictures yesterday.
It's on days (like yesterday) when I truly appreciate living here...
Just hangin' out with our kiddo in Seaside...
Who gets to do that every day??


Friday, January 15, 2010

Update For my AWESOME Friends

I just wanted to let you know that our doc called in a new antibiotic.
I think it's in the cephlasporin (sp?) family.
I just wanted to say thank you for all of the great advice.

After suffering through 3 major episodes (all before 9 am) this morning... I couldn't take it anymore - finally had to make the call. I really wanted to be a tough mom and stick it out... but I just couldn't. Ummmm... not to mention how uncomfortable my poor child must feel?

*Just a tip in case any of you ever have this ("this" being chronic D) happen to one of your young kiddos...
Sesame Street on DVR + a big ole dropper to deliver Pedialyte can work wonders. That is, if your kid will sit still long enough. It's a double-edged sword, but my child, is in love with Sesame Street. I am not kidding. We have to limit her TV time. At 13 months old. "Sunny Days" starts, and her world stops.
Hilarious. She is truly my husband's child.

This week we put all TV rules and regulations on hold.
Don't get me wrong, the kid loves to play and loves the outdoors.
She is extremely active. But we can't be outside all of the time.
Especially with the l-a-m-e weather lately.
And she's got a serious thing for Elmo.
So it goes, Chappellina spent the better part of three days reclining in my lap, mesmerized with public television as I forced Pedialyte on the sly...

BTW-- As I finish this post, I just heard another "episode" take place over the monitor. I'm off to take care of crib change numero cinco.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Augmentin. Wow.

Skip this post if you are not a mom.
You won't like it. I promise.

And to all of you madres out there:
Please give me some feedback if you have any advice. Even if you found this blog from one of your friend's blogs... and you feel weird for reading, I'm probably reading yours too. So comment away!

And here is some advice for you(!):
If you doctor ever recommends that you give your child Augmentin... kindly ask (ummm, urge) them to pick another antibiotic.
Holy mess.
Mess, literally.

Our ped warned me that the antibiotic would likely cause diarrhea. I laughed.
Diarrhea? Chappell? No way.
I figured it would regulate the poor child for once. Sorry, I know that's gross. But if you're still reading this blog, you've likely seen worse.

I've changed Chappell's crib three times.
We've had 4 to 5 big diaper blow outs. I can't remember exactly how many to be quite honest.
I've been giving her yogurt...
I've been forcing Pedialyte all day...
We are doing the BRAT diet...
And I just gave her probiotics (powdered form)...
We'll see if that helps.

I just had to vent.

OK. I'm done.
Just had to get that out.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A day of smocking

Here is our sewing sweat shop (at the Williams' casa) in Ozark!
Here is a little picture recap of my time with Emily and Robin Wyatt.
Thank you both so much for your help!


12 month Ellen McCarn bishop pattern pinned to fabric. Ready to be cut...


Getting ready to hem the sleeves...


Emily showing me how to hem the sleeves...


Hemmed sleeves...


Pleating the sleeves...


The sleeves going through the pleater...


Pinning the sleeves to the front/back of the dress. After pinning, stitch to dress.


Laying the dress out on the floor - to be rolled onto the dowel for pleating.


The dress, about to go through the pleater...


The dress is now ready for smocking...
The picture below is another dress that I'm working on. It has already been smocked. In the picture below Emily is pinning on the bias.

Stitching the bias onto the dress...

That's about it for now... since I still have to finish the placket!

If anyone is actually interested in looking at my detailed notes, I can post (or e-mail) them.
Just throwin' that out there!

The Contest is a Sham!

Not really, but sort of.
We thought she had made it through some screening. Well, not so much.
There are about 50 babies in the dang thing!

Kicker numero dos:
You have to pay to vote. I think it's 25 cents per vote.
Basically, if you really want your baby to win, just buy him/her a few thousand votes.

If you still want to vote, here's the site:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Ear Infection

Poor Chappell has her first ear infection.
I think I mentioned her cold a few posts back, but I'm too lazy to check at the moment.
It never really went away, and Thursday will make two weeks of a faucet-like nose. Last night she woke up around 3 am crying her eyes out.
After that I knew something was wrong and made an appointment this morning.

Weird... there's actually something wrong this time. In true first-time-mother-like fashion, we've seen the pediatrician quite a bit over the past 13 months - you know, "just to make sure."
And yes, I was scolded once again for the whole antibiotics ordeal. Embarrassing. Thankfully Chappell's doctor is really nice and she kept it light...
Chaps started Augmentin (sp?) tonight, and the infection should clear up.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Vote for Chappy!

I want to make it very clear to everyone that this is NOT my thing. Here we go:

When my dad told me that he had registered Chaps in some sort of baby contest (about a month or so ago), I wasn't at all surprised.
He did the same thing when I was a baby. Dad sent my pictures to Gerber. So the story goes, Gerber said they would love to use my picture, but were currently satisfied with their pencil drawing. Ahhh, sweet rejection. And you would die if you knew how many Sinrod family videos are somewhere collecting dust over at America's Funniest Home Videos.
That's just dad.

Let's get to the point.
I'm no pageant girl.
And I'm certainly no pageant mom.
However, last week I received an interesting phone call. It was the a magazine (I'll get to that later) asking my permission for Chappell's picture to be put online for voting.
I suppose I couldn't resist. Chappy had already made it through the first big screening... and who am I to hold her back? Ha.

Not to worry friends, I swear it's nothing sketchy.
The contest winner will grace the cover of Pensacola's Bella Baby (an annual publication).

If you want to, Click HERE to vote. Voting starts this Wednesday at 9 am!

BTW, here is the picture mi PaPa submitted. I think her BAMA attire might help us win this thing!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Pre Post... for a Big Bad Post

We had a great weekend in Reed's hometown, Ozark, AL.
Well, at least I had a great weekend.
Not so sure about poor ReeRee though.

While the hubs (and his dad) were running a small daycare with Chappy and her two cousins, I loaded up on some presssssh fabrics from Simply Unique.
I would devote an entire post to this place, but it's already been done.
SO, click here to read about how awesome Simply Unique is.
Thank you, Paula, for all of your help!

After our shopping adventure, it was time for a crash course in pleating and constructing bishop dresses.
Again, awesome for me, perhaps bad for Reed. He continued to watch the kiddos while I was learning away in the sweatshop.
Reed's mom, Emily, and her wonderful friend, Robin Wyatt (another talented sewing extraordinaire) were so sweet/generous/AWESOME to spend their Saturday teaching me.
Thank you both SO much!!

I had a blast.
In order to absorb allllllllll of the material, I took notes and photographed each step.
More on that, later... time for bed!

PS- Chappellina took two steps on Saturday. I'm very interested in how this walking thing will progress. I bet it won't be too long now...

Friday, January 8, 2010

A few milestones!

Tooth number 5 & 6 are finally poking through (this happened a few days ago).

Today Chappell took her FIRST STEP!


And Chappell said "good bye!" (instead of the normal buh buh) in the most Southern accent, ever.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

Random thoughts... Truly

It's funny how much can change in a year. Ya know?

I just took a shower - I do most of my "deep" thinking in the shower - and my mind kept twisting around all that has happened in 2009... and how much my perspective on life has changed.
Is that too heavy? It's just weird, my friends.

Well this isn't heavy... here are a few of my r-a-n-d-o-m thoughts from today...

1) Why does Chappell eat the lint off of our bath mat? It can't taste good. Could it?

2) My mom gave me a squeagy (sp?) for our shower. It's the most fun thing ever. After I'm done with my shower, I squeagy both the walls and the glass door. It's way cooler than doing your wind shield. I promise.
And yes, I am a neurotic FREAK! If you buy one... you'll become a freak like me, too. It's just too much fun.

3) Why does one "quick" trip to the outlets bring out the worst in me?
Would it be so bad if I took out a few tourists with my Volvo? Just once?
Get back to me on that.
*I should probably mention that I'm only kidding. If I ever happen to hit a tourist at the outlets, I want it to be known that it was an accident. Don't want this blog to end up as evidence or somethin'!

4) Why is it that whenever I'm feeling negative or mean (see #3), the lady in front of me in the drive thru @ Starbucks (yes, the one at the outets) decides to pay for my coffee.
I was floored by that one. Talk about guilt. Guilt for having those feelings of anger only moments earlier... towards her and the rest of the infuriating "traffic."
That one taught me a lesson for sure: CHILL OUT.
Talk about "pay it forward!"

5) Why is it spelled "drive thru" and not "drive through?" Corporate America... you can't just make up your own spelling for branding's sake.
Actually, I guess they can:

Well I guess that's all I've thought about today. I really thought I had more.

Poor Chappy is sick. Nothing too serious, just a bad cold. Her nose is faucet-like, and she is having some pretty restless sleep... that is (in turn) affecting my sleep. It's hard to know when you should or shouldn't enter (cue dramatic music) the baby's bedroom.
SO, I find myself listening to all of her sounds on the monitor... and tick tock goes the clock.
Hopefully Cha will feel better soon.
The kid's usually such a solid, healthy little thing and in the past 2 weeks, she's had ailments back to back. So sad.
I just know it (with my wonderful luck), we're going to end up taking her to the doctor... and then I'll really get it for giving her those antibiotics!

Once the kiddo's feeling up to it, I'm looking forward to taking her outside and getting some pretty winter pics with my new lens.
For now, however, I am signing off sans pictures.
I apologize. I know this was probably the lamest of lame... it is what it is.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!

* Warning, my brain is mush and I think this post is going to be all over the place.

Happy New Year friends!

We had a rather low key (& subsequently, awesome) New Year's Eve.
I'm so over the wild New Year's Eve scene these days.
Maybe it's just me... but I'm kind of sleepy at midnight. We've usually been asleep for two hours or so... pathetic, I know!
We went to Borago (in my opinion, one of the best restaurants here @ the beach) for dinner with some great friends.
Dinner was at 7:00, and we were home by 9 o'clock.
Again, awesomeness!
We would've been in bed by 9:30, but we made the mistake of turning on the TV... and were sucked into some show on ESPN about a guy and a flying car. Sounds silly... but you simply had to watch.
It was like watching a train wreck.

Even with the flying car, we were in bed by 11. Ahhh... lovely sleep.

Since we decided to stay in town kinda-last-minute, we were lucky to have my parents offer to babysit. There's no way we could've found a babysitter on NYE.
I still don't really have a babysitter here... and I'm rambing again!

Mom went above and beyond, & brought all of the groceries/supplies for New Years Day soooouuul food. Black eyed peas, collard greens, ham and corn bread.
I'm proud to report that we all ate enough to ensure good luck in 2010.


* I'm having serious trouble writing this post. This probably wasn't the best time to blog... but I'm not giving up, yet!

Since Thursday, we've cooked some delicious dinners, I finished smocking a dress, used my smocking pLeAtEr for the 1st time (!), spent time with a long lost friend, met other friends for lunch, had a family oyster date at Hurricane, cleaned/organized & had a Sinrod sista slumber party.
Good times.

By the way, this is a pleater:
I got one for Christmas.
And I love it! Even though, until today, I had no idea how to use the thing. Since I really want to master this whole smocking thing, a pleater was kind of a necessity -- since the beach doesn't have a sewing store where I could take things to be pleated.
Today (in an attempt to figure things out on my own), I cut out a pattern for 12 month bishop dress.
I successfully pleated the sleeves. That was easy enough.
Then I couldn't figure out if I was matching the sleeve openings correctly, so I decided to put that project on hold. I'm such a chicken. I get so freaked out I'm going to mess things up beyond repair.
But, alas! I am in luck!
We are going to Ozark this weekend, so I'm hoping my seamstress-extraordinaire-mother-in-law (Emily) won't mind giving me some guidance!
I still have SO much to learn. And it's sort of overwhelming.

* I think I'm too tired to go on...

But I had one last thing I wanted to share.
Soap box and a drrrrrrruuuummmmm roll, please??

Reed rented a pretty incredible DVD this weekend. We watched it with my sisters last night... It's called The Cove.
Rent it.
It's a documentary about Richard O'Barry (former Flipper dolphin trainer-turned-activist) and his efforts to stop the Japanese from killing an estimated 23,000 dolphins annually.
O'Barry and his team expose the killings by planting hidden cameras in the remote coves of Tajii, Japan. O'Barry also explains in great detail why dolphins should not be kept in captivity. I know that might sound a little extreme, but after hearing why - it makes perfect sense.
It's obvious that killing these dolphins for meat is cruel. Dolphins are self aware, thoughtful and intelligent marine mammals.
But here's the real kicker... even if you don't think killing dolphins is cruel... more than likely, you'll find fault with this:
The Japanese government is allowing fisheries to sell this meat to citizens-- serving dolphin in school lunch programs... when the mercury content is 2,000 times the legal level.

I can't get this movie out of my head!
Watch it.

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