Friday, January 29, 2010

Crawling back

I mean... what's the date? Where the heck have we been?

I wish I could say we've been on some awesome vacation... doing really cool things... but that isn't the case.
We've been home.
It's been one thing after the other with poor Chappy. I'm not sure if there's much point in rehashing.
Since it's all kind of a bllluuuuurrrrr now anyways...
But you know I like to rehash...

It went down like this:
Back to back ear infections, three courses of antibiotics, rampant diarrhea from said antibiotics, occasional vomiting from antibiotics, then a case of the stomach bug... and now a subsequent diaper ailment from the antibiotics.
I'm currently waiting on the Ped to call back with some sort of cream for her poor little bottom.
I must say, Chappell is the best kid ever (duh). She had a smile on her face 99 % of the time. Even after getting sick, she'd be right back to playing within minutes. The doctor's office commented on it every time... "I know she's sick, but she's so happy?"
That's just how Chappy rolls, I suppose.

We go back in a few days to see if the third antibiotic worked.
I have a bad feeling it hasn't.
Some might say I'm negative. But, I don't think I'm negative.
Anyone ever heard of mother's intuition?
I'm thinkin' it's (the ear infection) still there because Chappellina woke up crying several times last night. This isn't common for my marathon sleeper.
Every time I heard that piercing cry, my heart started beating a little bit faster and I could feel the stress of it all building in my chest. Lovely anxiety...
Thinking to myself, "I can't go through this again, I can't go through this again" over and over.
I don't know if most babies have the same experience w/ meds as she did...
But, antibiotics are hellacious for my small one. I should win some sort of award for all of the poo and vomit I've been submerged in over the past few weeks.

If you can tell by the tone of this post, I've gotten a little down over this whole thing.
-I know-
We are so blessed.
I want to say, I know it's not that big of a deal.
Things could be much worse-- Chappell doesn't have any sort of chronic medical condition - and we are so lucky for that.
But, I selfishly want things to go back to normal.
I don't want Chappell to have tubes put in her ears. Why?
I can't stand the thought of my baby being put to sleep for any sort of operation/procedure. This momma would be dru-gggg-ed out. I want Chaps to swim this summer. I hear tubes and water don't mix.
Lastly, I don't need another thing to worry about!
{BTW, Did I just refer to myself as "momma?" Reality check...}

SO, I ask that you keep us in your thoughts.
We find out Wednesday if the infection is gone or... not gone. It better be gone.

Being a mom... wow. It messes with my head.
It's awesome.
I love her more than anything on the planet. But geeee whiz... it changes you forever.

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Pizza by the Sea said...

Bless your heart!! You are an amazing Mommy and you will make it through this even stronger. In a few weeks, you will hardly remember it! Saying a prayer for you guys. xoxo

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