Friday, January 15, 2010

Update For my AWESOME Friends

I just wanted to let you know that our doc called in a new antibiotic.
I think it's in the cephlasporin (sp?) family.
I just wanted to say thank you for all of the great advice.

After suffering through 3 major episodes (all before 9 am) this morning... I couldn't take it anymore - finally had to make the call. I really wanted to be a tough mom and stick it out... but I just couldn't. Ummmm... not to mention how uncomfortable my poor child must feel?

*Just a tip in case any of you ever have this ("this" being chronic D) happen to one of your young kiddos...
Sesame Street on DVR + a big ole dropper to deliver Pedialyte can work wonders. That is, if your kid will sit still long enough. It's a double-edged sword, but my child, is in love with Sesame Street. I am not kidding. We have to limit her TV time. At 13 months old. "Sunny Days" starts, and her world stops.
Hilarious. She is truly my husband's child.

This week we put all TV rules and regulations on hold.
Don't get me wrong, the kid loves to play and loves the outdoors.
She is extremely active. But we can't be outside all of the time.
Especially with the l-a-m-e weather lately.
And she's got a serious thing for Elmo.
So it goes, Chappellina spent the better part of three days reclining in my lap, mesmerized with public television as I forced Pedialyte on the sly...

BTW-- As I finish this post, I just heard another "episode" take place over the monitor. I'm off to take care of crib change numero cinco.

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Kelly said...

My goodness! I feel like all my blogging buddies are having hard times right now. Did you read Elizabeth Snodgrass blog? So scary! AR had an allergic reaction to strawberries, but it was nothing like that! So sorry to hear lil' Chapsters tummy is upset. That is really tough. Hope she will be feeling better with the new antibiotics!

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