Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For Chappy's Daddy

We are in Pensacola.  Reed is at the beach.
I know he misses this little booger when she's not around... 
and these pictures will probably make it worse!

Today was a busy day.  I ran a lot of errands.  
We even tried to find the Easter Bunny, but apparently he takes a very long dinner break.  
I think we will try again tomorrow...


Flashback to Chappy's first Easter...
Boy... time is A-Flyin'!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Time

Is finally here!


When I first started this blog, I intended on it being a place where I could (honestly) jot down my thoughts.
Well, the problem with that is, as more people start reading... the less revealing a blog can be.
For privacy's sake, etc.
If I had kept it "real"... then you would probably know that we were not exactly crazy about living here.
You would also know that we missed our friends... a lot.
And... you would think I was a big baby and a whiner.
But, the truth is... this past year has been a little hard on me. Moving to a new place with no friends and a 6 week old baby isn't exactly easy.

That being said, I still thank my lucky stars for everything that I have. We are so fortunate.
We have a wonderful family and a wonderful life-- nothing can change that-- even where we live.
Reed and I are thankful for so many things-- especially our relationship and (in my opinion) perfect child.
But... we just didn't like living here.

We still love the beach (who doesn't?), and will continue to vacation here.
We just don't want to live here year round. Does that make sense?
I really hope I am not offending anyone...
I didn't enjoy driving 30 plus (and even more during the season) minutes to make a deposit or shop at Target.

Believe it or not, after all of that rambling, I actually have some news to share...
Our family is moving, yet again.

We have great friends there, and are more than excited to be returning to Alabama. Reed will be starting his new job on May 3rd. Let's just say I will be more than busy between now and then.

We sincerely hope that this is our last and final move... and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Beach peeps, we will miss you!

More details later...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lots to catch up on...

It's that time of year. Life is getting crrazzy.

{I need to quickly take the time to document a few of Chappy's most recent milestones... so skip this if you aren't interested!}

Chappell has become a bi-pedal.
I'm proud to announce that the kiddo has officially ditched crawling and is finally a full time walker!
It's about time-- after all, she'll be 16 months old in 2 weeks.
Today I didn't see her crawl at all- not once.
It really is amazing. I love it.
Holding her little hand, walking side by side is probably the best feeling on earth.
So, for my own records... today is the day that baby became a full time walker.

Chappell has also learned how to use a fork and/or spoon.
At C's 15 month appointment, our pediatrician told us that we needed to show her how to use utensils.
I was shocked at how fast she picked it up...
We started practicing on Sunday... today is Tuesday and she's got it.
Even though it took her 15.5 months to walk, she learned how to use a fork in 3 days. Go figure.
I even have a cell phone pic for proof.
From what I can tell, Chappellina has two molars. Uppers... I'm not sure if the bottom ones are in yet.
Tomorrow I will risk amputation and feel around.

We are currently in the process of dropping a nap. It's more me than Chaps initiating this change. She naps twice a day, and does just fine... but I've noticed it's taking her a little longer to fall asleep at night. Lots of babbling.
Yesterday she had one nap... and was ZONKED the second I put her to bed.
We'll see how it goes. If she's not ready, we'll go back to two.
Just an experiment, really.


Charleston is/was the bomb.
I loved, loved it. We had the best time... it was so laid back... lots of walking, sightseeing and eating.
Like I said before, I went to Charleston for Cover's bachelorette party. Cover and I went to high school and college together. She is getting married in April and I am so excited/happy for her!
A great time was had by all... and I seriously gained 5 pounds.
I can't wait to go back with Reed and do the B&B thing sometime (hopefully) soon.

BTW, I hacked these pictures off of Facebook. I haven't uploaded mine yet... and I was kind of a slacker when it came to picture-taking this weekend.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

10 days and no post

Just realized it's been a while since I've blogged.
It's true! I actually have a life beyond the computer!

I just got back from Charleston, SC about an hour ago.
What brought us to Chuck Town, you say?
One of my best friend's is gettin' hitched.
Bachelorette parties are fun.

More on that later. And everything else...

Chappy has molars, btw!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reed's 30th Birthday Party

Reed's a Guy's Guy... if you know what I mean.
He likes boy things.
Golf. Football. Fishing. ESPN. You get the drift.
He also likes beer.
These days, with work and the baby, he doesn't really get a chance to enjoy these things.
Especially the beer!

So, I wanted to incorporate a few of R's favorite past times into his birthday extravaganza. Well, sans SportsCenter, anyways.

Back in the day (and still on occasion), R enjoyed a good Kegger.
For old time's sake, I decided to throw him a keg party with his closest friends.
Old school.

I did my best to keep it a surprise. For six months, I managed to do so.
Then my darling husband decided to read my mail. Snail mail! That's a Federal crime, right? What a snoop.
On another (snoopy) occasion, I found him looking over my shoulder... just in time to see the subject line of an e-mail entitled, "Reed's 30th Birthday."


The weekend was still loads and loads of fun. Friday night Reed's mama brought tons of BBQ, 10 pounds of slaw and potato salad. So not only did we have loads of fun, but we had loads of food.
Saturday the guys played golf at Camp Creek.

Allison helped me (basically did everything) with the decorations. We went all out on the beer theme and kept it fun - and affordable! It doesn't get much cheaper than beer cans, does it?? Heh.
I'm pretty sure that my mom's fiesta-decorating skills skipped me in the gene pool.
I am most disturbed by this.
However, I can sleep at night knowing I have a friend that's willing to help me when a party comes around!


Then there was night 2... I urge you to check the time stamp on some of these. Hooray for old people staying up late!


I saved the best for last.
It's so sad.
Along the way, someone LIED to Reed and told him that he was a good dancer.
There's actually a video floating around...


I hacked these pictures from Allison. I brought my camera, but never remembered to take it out of the case. Typical.

Monday, March 8, 2010

yay Spring!

I have lots and LOTS to post about, but I thought I would start small. I'm still recovering from Reed's pseudo surprise 30th birthday bash.
{More on that, later}

Even though this is not an official birthday party post, I do want to say Happy Birthday to my incredible husband, Reed!
You are the best father and husband I could ever ask for.
I definitely don't deserve you...
I am so glad you were born 30 years and 2 days ago! I hope you had a good weekend :)


My great friend Allison, bought Chappell some adorable Spring outfits in Montgomery last weekend. Since it's about 70 degrees at the beach today, here is Miss C modeling one of her new looks! Thank you, Allison :)

Check out my (almost) 15 month angel! In case you forgot, Cha Cha will be 15 whole months tomorrow. Ummm can you believe it? Life is just speeding on by...

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