Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lots to catch up on...

It's that time of year. Life is getting crrazzy.

{I need to quickly take the time to document a few of Chappy's most recent milestones... so skip this if you aren't interested!}

Chappell has become a bi-pedal.
I'm proud to announce that the kiddo has officially ditched crawling and is finally a full time walker!
It's about time-- after all, she'll be 16 months old in 2 weeks.
Today I didn't see her crawl at all- not once.
It really is amazing. I love it.
Holding her little hand, walking side by side is probably the best feeling on earth.
So, for my own records... today is the day that baby became a full time walker.

Chappell has also learned how to use a fork and/or spoon.
At C's 15 month appointment, our pediatrician told us that we needed to show her how to use utensils.
I was shocked at how fast she picked it up...
We started practicing on Sunday... today is Tuesday and she's got it.
Even though it took her 15.5 months to walk, she learned how to use a fork in 3 days. Go figure.
I even have a cell phone pic for proof.
From what I can tell, Chappellina has two molars. Uppers... I'm not sure if the bottom ones are in yet.
Tomorrow I will risk amputation and feel around.

We are currently in the process of dropping a nap. It's more me than Chaps initiating this change. She naps twice a day, and does just fine... but I've noticed it's taking her a little longer to fall asleep at night. Lots of babbling.
Yesterday she had one nap... and was ZONKED the second I put her to bed.
We'll see how it goes. If she's not ready, we'll go back to two.
Just an experiment, really.


Charleston is/was the bomb.
I loved, loved it. We had the best time... it was so laid back... lots of walking, sightseeing and eating.
Like I said before, I went to Charleston for Cover's bachelorette party. Cover and I went to high school and college together. She is getting married in April and I am so excited/happy for her!
A great time was had by all... and I seriously gained 5 pounds.
I can't wait to go back with Reed and do the B&B thing sometime (hopefully) soon.

BTW, I hacked these pictures off of Facebook. I haven't uploaded mine yet... and I was kind of a slacker when it came to picture-taking this weekend.

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