Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too busy to blog!

Lots going on right now.
I haven't exactly had much time to blog lately... and I think it's only going to get worse! Busy season is upon us.

This past weekend I went to a bachelorette party at the Seminole Hardrock Casino in Miami/Fort Lauderdale.
I left Thursday night.
Flew into Atlanta on Sunday.
Spent the night with sister Smith Sunday night, then drove to Pensacola Monday morning.
Chappell and I came home Monday night.
Does that even make sense?

Reed turns the big 3-0 this Friday!

Tuesday I return to Miami for Fashion Week. Just found out that Whitney (from The Hills) is one the five designers showing with Smith in Fresh Faces. K-e-W-l !
I will get home on Thursday - and then we are off to B-ham for the weekend.

AHHH! It doesn't stop there... we're gone every weekend for the next few months.

I'm tired already.

For documentation's sake, Chappell is:
-walking a lot more (but still crawling, too)
-kissing the babies (on command) in her favorite book - loves to kiss her baby dolls, too
-loving her snack trap (best thing ever for toddlers)
-cold FREE
-absolutely delightful!
-lover of meatloaf and milk


Reed said...

"kissing the babies (on command)" - its sounds like we walk around all day commanding Chaps to "kiss the baby." For some reason, I picture me saying this in a stern, German voice.

Cover said...

German? Really Reed?

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