Thursday, May 28, 2009

2 Strikes = More than enough

Well, I really thought the reason Chappell threw up her sweet potatoes yesterday was because I mixed in too much rice cereal. I thought it was just too thick. Since "they" say to try foods for at least three days in a row to rule out allergies, etc., etc., I decided to try again.
Well, apparently I was wrong. Reed was here this time and insists that the second she smelled the sweet potatoes she started to gag. Once she had the smallest bit of sweet potatoes in her mouth... projectile vomiting once again... and this time it was bigger and badder than before. I'm talkin' Exorcist style. The worst part about it is I don't know what it means.
PS, Thanks mom for going to Thailand for a month.
She's eaten prune baby food... and she's been eating rice cereal for almost 2 months now.
I've been googling random things... to only come up with potential allergy & just not ready for solids... who the heck knows. Is instantaneous vomiting even an allergy symptom??
Let's just say this is one of those things that has left me confused, and I will have plenty to ask the pediatrician in a week and a half!
Poor little thing.
She's fine.
She ate a big bowl of rice cereal with prune juice right after she lost her breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Reed is currently putting her to bed.
DO Y'ALL SEE THAT I AM COVERED IN PUKE?? Like I've said before, she's the only person in the whole world that is allowed to poo or pee on me... so let's just add vomit for good measure. Honestly, I didn't even mind.

Quick e-mail excerpt from Reed

From the body of one of Reed's recent e-mails to his friends...

Just thought I would provide a little update about the Williams in Florida. We spent last weekend in Apalachicola celebrating our second anniversary and the Memorial Day weekend. I think we killed about two hund oysters between us. Just a quick story to show how I am becoming acclimated to the Florida lifestyle.

Scene: Apalachicola Convenience Store, I walk in

Lady Cashier: Boy, are you going out in the sun today?
Me: I think so.
Lady Cashier: Here, then you need this. (handing me a bottle of SPF 60 lotion).
Me: Come on, that's just rude.
Lady Cashier: No, it's considerate. Have you seen your legs? And here in Franklin County we're honest. Franklin County - home of the drunks (as she sips from a solo cup).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet Potatoes

This is what Chappell thinks of sweet potatoes:

One bite and boom... projectile vomit.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A few pics of Will and Chappellina

Anniversary Trip Weekend!

I feel like I have a lot to blog about. For Memorial Day Weekend (and more importantly, our 2nd anniversary) Reed surprised me with a trip to Apalachicola. For those of you who haven't been to Flor-Ida's "forgotten coast," you really should go. Apalachicola is a quaint OLD southern town about 70 miles east of Panama City... it's a great place for fishing and hanging out on the water.

Saturday we hung out at Boss Oyster house and ate way more than two people ever should. We had raw oysters, several variations of baked oysters, crawfish-- and after that I don't really remember because we were already on to our second pitcher. It was a great time after we switched tables to get away from the diving sea gulls. Reed, as always, thought it was hilarious to watch me squirm in the presence of... the birds. He took a few pictures while they were hovering above. I look quite awkward, wouldn't you say?? The real estate magazine was for bird swatting...

We stayed at the Gibson Inn. It was really cool, even though it is haunted. I thought it was haunted even before I read a magazine in the lobby stating that the ghost of an old ship captain still lingers in room 309... which was our room! Needless to say, we didn't stay for the third night. BTW, I just googled the "Gibson Inn" to find a picture for the blog, and found more information on the ghost of room 309. I heard some knocking the second night and when I nudged Reed to tell him, he said:

"Holland, it was me. I think I pooted in my sleep. We aren't talking about this at 3:50 am."

Since I was freaked out and really missed Chappell, we (I) decided to join Emmy, Buddy, Meg & Will at Bay Point Sunday night. We took the kids to the pool and put Chappy's little feet in. I think I'm going to wait a couple more weeks before we totally submerge her in the water, but she loved getting her feet wet! She drew them up really quickly and looked startled the first time Reed dunked them in the water. It seems like most people wait until 6 months to bring babies into the pool. Although, I'm not really sure why. I've heard 6 month shots... thoughts from other moms??

Reed and I had a really good time, but I just don't think I'm ready to spend three nights away from the Chapster. I'm officially a mom, and a sappy one at that.
-She can sit up on her own for about 20-30 seconds
-Roll both ways
-Screaming high pitched sounds (totally adorable when she moves her arms at the same time)
-Seems to be reaching out her arms when she wants to be picked up
I'm in love! I'll post separately pictures of her playing with cousin Will over the weekend and a couple (kind of blurry) of her sitting up on her own. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Next post to come, Chappell's visit to Beach Box 09! I need y'all to send me pics :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chappell & Nanny

We are in Pensacola tonight because Reed has a CLE here in the morning. Since mom and Smith are in Thailand, and ML is still in Florence, Italy, we thought we would come over and keep my dad company. Chappell spoke to her aunts and grandmother via Skype, and we all shared a lovely Chinese dinner from Hunans (for all of you P-cola people). Mom and auntie Smith were surprised to hear Chap's new skill- high shrieking/squealing. She's quite proud of herself. I wonder how the general public is going to respond to her newest accomplishment. It'll make your ears bleed, but of course we think it's wonderful. Tomorrow we are off to our 2nd anniversary weekend! I can't believe it's been two years. It's crazy how time flies!
Here are some cute pictures of Chappell with Nanny. Just a little history... my dad is called Nanny because it's been a tradition on my dad's side of the family for 3 (pretty sure 3) generations. Totally masculine, huh?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Totally freaked out

This morning around 6:45 I woke up and checked the monitor. I couldn't see Chappell in the screen so of course I ran up to see what was going on. She's a very active sleeper and likes to snuggle up to the back wall of the crib, usually on her side, where I can at least see the back of her bum or head...
This time, she was on her stomach, wedged in the corner with her arm still trapped under her torso. I quickly moved her and let her go back to sleep.
The worst part was seeing this when I went to pick her up at 7:45 :

I know the picture's blurry, but as you can see, it seems as though she got some kind of a "rug burn" on the left side of her face. I don't really know what to do? Take the bumper out? Then she could really hurt herself. Put her sleep wedge back in?

I know one thing-- we're not going out in public today because I don't want Child Protective Services called. I think that's what it's called...
Poor thing. It looks awful!

PS- Reed's home w/ a stomach bug today. I hope we don't get it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not a fluke!

Chappell rolled from her back to her stomach while we were playing on her blanket a few moments ago. Check out how proud she is of herself! She knew it was something big :)

Also... for my own records, Chappell has discovered a high pitch scream/coo. She is fascinated by this sound and does it over... and over... and over again.

I love this little munchkin so much!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just a lil' Prickly Heat

Poor Chappell.
We all had a lot of fun this weekend, but it turns out the side porch may have been a little too hot for baby girl. Yesterday morning when we were about to leave the beach house (on the side porch, of course) I realized Chappell was covered with little red spots... all over her back, chest, lets, arms... and naturally I freaked out.
At first I was thinking... allergic reaction?? I quickly realized that's not possible because she's been on the same diet for over a month, we haven't introduced any new foods yet.
She was in a great mood, smiling away, so I figured it wasn't anything too serious.
I frantically phoned the doctor on call, my dad, and Reed's brother Bryant (also a doctor) to see what it could be. After consulting the parenting bible, What to Expect in the First Year, it was confirmed: heat rash, sometimes known as "prickly heat."
She's fine. I just gave her a bath with baking soda, and apparently it will go away in a few days.
Whooosh... another crisis averted.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend of May 15-16

This weekend we had lots of visitors and lots O fun. Here's how it went...
Friday morning I took Chappell to Dr. Sprenkle (her pediatrician) to have her ears checked. She's been teething for quite some time, however, Thursday afternoon she was particularly fussy and had a 100 degree temperature. Turns out, her ears are fine - she's probably just trying to cut her first tooth. Her temp went down to 98 degrees about two hours after I got the high reading... I'm starting to think we have a screwy thermometer. But it's always nice to go ahead and make sure everything's OK before the weekend. I rather be extra cautious than wait and have to take her into the ER to let some intern experiment with my baby.
Cover and Jeff arrived around noon and we all went to lunch at Acme Oyster House to kick off Cov's birthday weekend. Lauren and Avery came, too.
After lunch, we all went over to the Grayton House to begin the festivities. Brooke and Phelps arrived in time for our late din-din. A few of Reed's law school buddies and their wives joined us for dinner, also. Reed cooked one of his famous low country boils... but the real fun began after Avery and Chaps went to bed at 8 o'clock!
Saturday was a beach day for most of us. Bringing a baby to the beach is a difficult task, I must add. Reed and I stopped by Bass Pro Shops to buy a tent for Chappell. Reed went in looking for one of those baby beach tents... but came out with something much different. This tent had poles... stakes... the whole deal. Such a pain in the arse! Let's just say the thing flew away a few times... and Chappell wasn't exactly thrilled being inside of it. She lasted about 30 minutes before her daddy took her home. I think Reed let me stay because he knows I'm in such dire need of sun. Ha!

Cover and Jeff on the beach, Saturday.

Chappell in her swimsuit from Auntie Smith. I mean... come on, is she not the cutest thing ever?
Me and Chappy in the tent. My legs are the same color as the sand!

Fam shot from Friday afternoon. This was our trial run with the tent...
Lauren and Avery at the house. BTW, Avery is the cutest thing ever. She kept us all very entertained!
Saturday night was Covy's 25th birthday, so we went to Stinky's Fish Camp for dinner. I MUST tell you, Saturday night was a milestone for us. Reed called the Watercolor Inn and asked who they recommend to babysit... and we ended up using a babysitter for the first time ever! In her 5 months of life, Chappell has only stayed with our families... this was huge. I was NOT keen on the idea, but there was no way Lauren and I could take the kids to dinner because of their 8 o'clock bedtimes. The service came highly recommended... apparently they babysit for Country Music stars... and the CEO of Aflac.
Well, for 22 bucks an hour, I believe it.
Soooo... we put the babies to bed, and waited for Miss Karen, aka "K.K" to arive.
Oh my Lord.
I wanted to send her out the door the second she walked in. After interogating her for 15 minutes, checking her card & personal information we finally left the house. I felt kind of bad for her because the cable was out... oh, no worries... she told us she was just going to "pray" while we were gone. People who say things like that make me nervous.
I almost had an anxiety attack in the car.
Told the bartender the situation (like he cared) and he gave Lauren and I drinks that would "sedate" us.
What am I going to do when she goes to school????
Reed ordered a round of Oyster Shooters for the table.
I'm not sure the birthday gal enjoyed her shot!?
We had a great time this weekend, and are so glad you all came!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chaps and Jules

The Wood fam has been staying at Watercolor this week, and it's been so much fun to have them just ten minutes away! Sunday night when they arrived I snuck over there sans baby and got some good solo time w/ baby Jules. She is so cute -- and absolutely hysterical! It's crazy to see what a month's difference in age means for little babies. Julia is scooting around (almost crawling), sitting (almost) by herself, and yelling!
NOTE: For new readers (and I'm so pumped to actually have a few), Russell (Julia's mom) was my roomate most of college and is one of my best friends.

So... Monday afternoon, Smith, Lyle & I brought baby Chaps to meet her bff Jules... and she had a bit of a meltdown. For those of you who've been around Chappell, this never happens! She's usually so laid back. Of course it happened... it happened because I was so excited to see them play. Murphy's law... She hadn't had an episode like that in months.
So today, when Russell invited us to come to the pool, I figured there was no way it would/could happen again. I mean, lightening doesn't strike twice??

Meltdown # 2. Julia just got so excited to see her and let out some of her happy noises and Chaps just stuck out that bottom lip and started to cry. She eventually calmed down, but was nothing like her happy normal self. Tomorrow we're going to have Miss Julia come play at our house and see if that helps. Wish us luck.

Remember when they looked like this:

Look at us now!
Chappell: 5 months
Julia: 6 months

And... Chappell... about to go crazy!

We would like to thank Bloom and her sweet mother for the dress Chappell is modeling in the photos above. It's gorgeous!

Mikey Stars

I just think this is the cutest little dress. It's Mikey Stars... the baby version of Michael Stars... and I'm obsessed. I want it in every color... maybe one for me too. I just love its simplicity!

Sister Lyle in Town!

Last Thursday Lyle flew in from Bangkok to go to Smith's graduation from Alabama and finally meet her niece, Chappell! After our trip to the lake this weekend (which was a lot of fun), I drove over to Pensacola to hang out w/ my two sisters and rents. We cooked a delish fish taco dinner and they got a lot of QT time w/ Chapps. Smith and Lyle came back over to our house yesterday to hang out. We visited the Wood fam and baby Julia (I'll put up pics from that later) and went out to dinner in Seaside. BTW, later on today we're going swimming w/ the babies I'll have pics of Julia and Chaps at the pool...
I just realized this morning when Lyle and Smith were about to leave my house that I had forgotten to snap any pictures of the baby with Lyle. Oops. So they waited around until she woke up from her morning nap... and this is what we got! Note: Chappell is still half asleep.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Attempts at Solo Sitting

I've faced it. Right now while Chappell is still quite little and her schedule is so strict, I'm kind of a loser. AND, (disclaimer: I know you aren't supposed to start a sentence with "and") I'm about to become even more of a loser once I get her naps scheduled, too. Since I've prefaced with a full and complete admission of such loserhood, I can now begin my story.
Yesterday, during one of Chappell's naps I was looking at some of my friends' mom-blogs. Cool, I know- well, one blog led to another, and another... until I stumbled upon a blog of a girl I know from college. Her baby is a couple of weeks younger than Chappell... so when I saw a picture of him holding himself up in a sitting position... I told Chappell it was time to get to work!

She is a very good sitter (also not a word)... I mean, she wants to sit up all of the time. However, she hasn't quite grasped the balance aspect of sitting yet. I'm wasn't even slightly concerned because babies don't usually sit up on their own until around 6-8 months. So... Chappell being only 5 months old (in 2 days), I'm not too worried.

Anyways, the picture below is her attempt to sit up solo. She was totally terrified and I think a little angry.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mom, quit being such a witch!

Seriously, why do you keep making me do tummy time??

Well... I'll show you... I'm a pro...

I'll just flip over.

Basically, tummy time's over for this chick. Chappell ends our sessions whenever she wants to.

I'm thinking about going... Public!

I've been going back and forth about whether or not I should make the blog public. On one hand, I tell myself... the blog's mainly about poop, sleep schedules and mindless feeding banter. Would anyone creepy even want to read it? But then on the other hand, I think about all the weirdos that are out there... and then I just get freaked out.
So... I just can't decide... some of this stuff seems pretty personal!

This weekend we're going to the lake (Martin, btw) for a little (made up) golf tournament Reed's playing in. It's Auburn guys against Alabama guys. How fratty. It should be fun, but I'm sad to leave Chaps.

I still don't have much to blog about at the moment. Chappell's still hangin' in there with her sleep schedule and is doing so well. She enjoys playing in her Baby Einstein bouncy chair/activity-center thing, sitting up, and of course, her favorite ... Baby Einstein videos. She has started laughing outloud to the puppets. Pretty funny to watch...
I need to dress her up in some cute outfits she's about to outgrow. I'll take pics and post.

AND, BTW, Reed was the lone voter who thinks that Chappell looks like him. I just interrogated him during lunch... maybe I should be the attorney. He folded way too easily.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lazy Weekend

This weekend... we did absolutely nothing, which leaves me with little material to blog about. We hung a few pictures, hung the curtains in our bedroom and basically just lazed around. Saturday we went to Acme Oyster House for a late afternoon lunch.

Chappell had a grand ole time, as you can see from the picture below.
She's still doing really well on her schedule. I cannot complain!!
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