Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sister Lyle in Town!

Last Thursday Lyle flew in from Bangkok to go to Smith's graduation from Alabama and finally meet her niece, Chappell! After our trip to the lake this weekend (which was a lot of fun), I drove over to Pensacola to hang out w/ my two sisters and rents. We cooked a delish fish taco dinner and they got a lot of QT time w/ Chapps. Smith and Lyle came back over to our house yesterday to hang out. We visited the Wood fam and baby Julia (I'll put up pics from that later) and went out to dinner in Seaside. BTW, later on today we're going swimming w/ the babies I'll have pics of Julia and Chaps at the pool...
I just realized this morning when Lyle and Smith were about to leave my house that I had forgotten to snap any pictures of the baby with Lyle. Oops. So they waited around until she woke up from her morning nap... and this is what we got! Note: Chappell is still half asleep.

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