Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chappell & Nanny

We are in Pensacola tonight because Reed has a CLE here in the morning. Since mom and Smith are in Thailand, and ML is still in Florence, Italy, we thought we would come over and keep my dad company. Chappell spoke to her aunts and grandmother via Skype, and we all shared a lovely Chinese dinner from Hunans (for all of you P-cola people). Mom and auntie Smith were surprised to hear Chap's new skill- high shrieking/squealing. She's quite proud of herself. I wonder how the general public is going to respond to her newest accomplishment. It'll make your ears bleed, but of course we think it's wonderful. Tomorrow we are off to our 2nd anniversary weekend! I can't believe it's been two years. It's crazy how time flies!
Here are some cute pictures of Chappell with Nanny. Just a little history... my dad is called Nanny because it's been a tradition on my dad's side of the family for 3 (pretty sure 3) generations. Totally masculine, huh?

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Allison said...

They look so cozy sleeping. I am jealous, I want to nap like that!

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