Monday, June 25, 2012

Collier Update

I cannot believe it is June already... and almost July!

Time is flying.
I don't have time to make this at all interesting, but I wanted to jot down a few things about sweet Collier.
Collier will be 6 months old on July 11th.
We've been giving him baby food for a few weeks now.  We tried a little earlier but he just wasn't interested, and since he's been sleeping awesome without it... it didn't really matter to me.
At this point, I'm giving him solids about twice a day.  Today I think he'll get solids 3 times.
He is eating four 7 ounce bottles of formula (every 4 hours) and at least 2 meals a day.  Until a few weeks ago, he was getting half breast milk and half formula.  I still have a lot in the freezer, but I get lazy about thawing it out since he takes formula so well now.  He is on Similac Advance.

Collier goes to bed around 7 pm every night and wakes up around 7 in the morning.  Some mornings it's a bit later, sometimes it's a little earlier.  It just depends.  He eats his bottle and we put him right back down.  He sleeps until around 9:45-10am.

Collier is so damn sweet.  He is seriously an angel child.  He never cries.  I mean seriously.  He rarely fusses.  Sometimes right before bed for a minute, but usually not even then.  I've never been around an easier baby and he makes me want to have 10 more!!  So.easy.going.

We dropped the swaddle a few weeks ago.  He's doing great!!  The first night he was upset for about an hour (which was horrible since he never gets upset), but after that-- we were good to go.

He's started babbling a lot and says mamamammama, dadadadadda-- but this time around I know that he's just babbling.  I'm quite sure he doesn't know what mama or dada mean at this point.  It's still sweet to hear.

C man likes hanging out in his bouncy seat, exersaucer and being held.  He doesn't get much floor time since he seems to be always sleeping/eating/hanging out with mommy and daddy.  We are embracing this baby stage since we know it goes by all too quickly.

I often say I'm trying to delay his milestones... I don't want him to crawl or walk anytime soon-- we love holding him!!!

Just wanted to jot this down... Happy Monday!!

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