Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 Weeks

Today I am 7 weeks pregnant with baby numero dos.
I'm pretty much counting down the days until my first appointment on June 6th... almost there!
I think as soon as I know that everything is OK, I won't be so concerned with time and how many weeks & days I am. It's just hard to keep something like this a secret when you are so excited... not to mention sick.
I don't remember exactly when my morning sickness started with Chappell-- I think somewhere around 7 or 8 weeks... but I've been sick for about a week already with this pregnancy.
That means I started feeling bad around 6 weeks.
At first it snuck up on me. It wasn't too bad, I just wasn't very hungry and had a "nervous stomach" on and off during the day.
But now-- yeesh! I'm exhausted and very nauseous. No fun.
But, they say it's a good sign to have morning sickness-- so I'll take it.
Chappellina's been quite the trooper and snuggles with me in bed for about an hour-- she'll watch cartoons, do puzzles on the iPad (which she's insanely good at)-- and just hang out with me until I can force myself to get out of bed. It's already so hot outside-- in the 90's... so I'm not sure how much outdoor playtime is in the immediate future.
We went to the beach for Memorial Day and spent a lot of time in the pool... the heat really seems too add to my discomfort... however, I am taking her to the splash pad in the morning... does that redeem my horrible-mom-ness from this week... ?

Chappell has the same response every time I tell her that there is a baby in my tummy:
"That's SILLY, mommy!!" -- and then she dies out laughing.
It is pretty silly.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The day it said "pregnant"

Today is May 15th, 2011.
This morning, I found out that I am pregnant with baby number two!
It's been an interesting road up until this point, and we couldn't be happier that we are finally expecting our second child.
We decided to start trying for our second baby back in October.
However, I got off of "the pill" last summer (I think in July 2010), so my body could adjust and be ready once we decided to give it a shot.
Some of you know, but one of my best friends got married in October and I didn't want to be pregnant in her wedding.
That being said, it was kind of an internal struggle for me, because I wanted to have another baby much earlier but our calendar was just so busy-- we thought it would be smarter to put it off a little longer.
Hmmmm... why is it that we always seem to think that we are in control... ?
Anyways-- the wedding came. And passed.
I got pregnant immediately.
I was very nervous, excited and anxious about the whole thing.
I had blood drawn a few days before my missed period-- (yeah, psycho, I know)-- and my suspicions were confirmed. Pregnant.

However, to make a long story short-- my HCG levels never got very high and I had a miscarriage about a week after I fount out I was pregnant. It was very sad.

My doctor told me that it was OK to try again, immediately.
So we did. Month after month.
Six looooong months later-- here we are.

That probably doesn't sound like a long time to most.
However, when you want something that bad and you get caught up in counting cycles, ovulation kits and all that mess- time slows down... the whole thing can feel pretty isolating.
And people don't know how their actions can affect others... people constantly asked me when were planning on getting pregnant. Seriously? Is that really your business??

We got pregnant so easily with Chappell that this was sort of a shock to us.
I had my blood drawn at one point, because I convinced myself that I must have something wrong with me... I thought hypothyroidism at one point... maybe that was why I wasn't getting pregnant. Turns out my thyroid is fine.
In the meantime, all of my friends were popping up pregnant. I could name at least ten.
One of my best friends became pregnant and learned she was having twins.
Of course I was happy for them! But couldn't I get pregnant with ONE?

I learned a lot-- and I have such empathy for those trying to have a baby. It is frightening, confusing and frustrating when you cannot conceive. Month after month... awful.

It's very funny though-- the month I actually gave up trying... it happened! I've heard it often works that way.

WELL-- today I found out that we are indeed expecting another baby!
I am ecstatic and can't wait to share the news but will be a little more hesitant because of what happened last time.
I already had a GYN appointment scheduled for June 7, so I plan to call in the morning and change it to OB.

I won't be posting this until after that appointment-- but just wanted to document this pregnancy as much as I did for Chaps.
We are SO excited!!
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