Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 Weeks

Today I am 7 weeks pregnant with baby numero dos.
I'm pretty much counting down the days until my first appointment on June 6th... almost there!
I think as soon as I know that everything is OK, I won't be so concerned with time and how many weeks & days I am. It's just hard to keep something like this a secret when you are so excited... not to mention sick.
I don't remember exactly when my morning sickness started with Chappell-- I think somewhere around 7 or 8 weeks... but I've been sick for about a week already with this pregnancy.
That means I started feeling bad around 6 weeks.
At first it snuck up on me. It wasn't too bad, I just wasn't very hungry and had a "nervous stomach" on and off during the day.
But now-- yeesh! I'm exhausted and very nauseous. No fun.
But, they say it's a good sign to have morning sickness-- so I'll take it.
Chappellina's been quite the trooper and snuggles with me in bed for about an hour-- she'll watch cartoons, do puzzles on the iPad (which she's insanely good at)-- and just hang out with me until I can force myself to get out of bed. It's already so hot outside-- in the 90's... so I'm not sure how much outdoor playtime is in the immediate future.
We went to the beach for Memorial Day and spent a lot of time in the pool... the heat really seems too add to my discomfort... however, I am taking her to the splash pad in the morning... does that redeem my horrible-mom-ness from this week... ?

Chappell has the same response every time I tell her that there is a baby in my tummy:
"That's SILLY, mommy!!" -- and then she dies out laughing.
It is pretty silly.

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