Monday, June 29, 2009

Dad's Birthday Extravaganza!

As you already know (if you read this blog), we left for the Grayton house on Wednesday to celebrate my dad's birthday. We had a great time, but I'm so glad to get back to our big-daddy king size bed! For about 5 days, Reed and I were sharing an antique bed that's not much bigger than a twin. Yuck.
not to get sidetracked or anything... it was a grand ole time.

We cooked at the house every night which was nice for us since Chaps hits the hay around 7:30. Nutrisystem was put on hold. I can't resist my mom's chow...

Dad printed off about 50 pages worth of historical info starting from the year he was born... that was certainly a highlight....


On Saturday we met Godfather Bill and Aunt Schuyler at Stinky's Fish Camp for lunch. It was so good to see them and Chappell looked stunning in her strawberry bubble. Thanks, S!
Chappell impressed us when she took to the restaurant highchair like an old pro. It was really cute-- she might not be quite big enough, as she kept slumping/sliding down every five or so minutes.
I didn't make it to the beach this weekend. Not once. Mom and dad tried to drive down, but it's been so dry lately they got stuck and had to be towed out of the sand. I kind of wish I was there for that, but it was about 200 degrees -- and to me, that's miserable. For the most part, we hung out inside with dad's new TV watchin' the Michael Jackson coverage. Or if Smith, ML or my nieces got control, Gossip Girl... which isn't so bad, actually.

Dad got a grill for the beach house and loves it!
Sorry this post is so lame, I think I still need to catch up on some lost sleep...
nap time, Chappell??

Eleanor's in town! (and Marlee, too)

We can't wait to hang out more this week!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cover is engaged!!

As you can see, one of my other best friends from Pcola (Cover) got engaged over the weekend!!
I kind of knew it was coming... because I sort-of-kind-of-cornered Jeff a few weeks ago at the beach house and asked when he was proposing. I'd like to say that I'm not a total psycho and knew that they had been looking at hardware (rings) for quite some time. I just needed to be prepared as to avoid a total "freakout." When things of this proportion happen completely out of the blue I tend to get overly excited and it's not pretty.
But I am still so excited!!!
Covs, here are a few pics that I thought you might enjoy.
You, like Ferrill, are lucky because I decided not to post some of our oldies. I got the albums out and ready to go-- and then decided that for both of our sakes they should remain where they are... in my dresser.
The first pic I chose is from a fun trip to Memph. Two of my BFFs!

Boat Parade, Fiesta 2K5

From one of our engagement parties in Pcola...

Over-served on Spring Break our senior year of college... but seriously, can't you see the love?? Ha... like most times we get into the wine!

With Chappy at MC's wedding a couple of months ago...

Cover and Chappell meet for the first time in Birmingham...

At my wedding...
Cover and Reed at our wedding...

The bach party in NOLA. Good times. Goooood times.

Cover and her future husband in Grayton a few weeks ago. Looking forward to many more beach trips!

Covs, I am so excited for you!
You have always been the bestest bestest friend... I mean, we've basically done everything together??!
I'm so happy that you've found someone like Jeff. You two are the cutest couple - and so much fun to be around.
We can't wait for all of the festivities to begin. I am so excited to be a part of your wedding.
I love you so much Clover!
Again, I'm SOO happy for you!
I need to count how many times I used the word "excited."
And "happy."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Radio Silence

We're going to Grayton for the rest of the week to celebrate my dad's birthday! My brother Eric, his wife Carin and their two daughters Michaela and Amanda are coming to take part in the festivities. They live in San Fran and haven't met the Chapster yet... exciting!
Mom, Smith, ML & the birthday boy will arrive Thursday night.
It's just 4 days, but with the baby, all of her stuff and our Nutrisystem meals it feels like I'm packing for a month!
I'm sure I will have lots of pictures to post from the birthday extravaganza.
As most of you know, there's no internet at the beach casa (and bad cell reception)... so if ya need me, call the beach!
Here we are with Eric, Carin & Michaela a long, long time ago in Grayton Beach. Yeah, that's me on the far right. What a crazy KoOk-of-a-kid.
(L to R: ML, mom, Smith, Eric, Carin, Michaela and your's truly)

I should've been on Nutrisystem then!
(L to R: Me, Michaela, Smith & ML)
Man, you two were sportin' some sweet bangs.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chappell: 6 1/2 Months

I need help - Fast!

I do not know what color to paint the dresser that I'm refinishing for our kitchen.

Here's a little background so you can help:
-brownish light colored granite...
-sort of honey colored cabinets
-stainless appliances and knobs
-white/canvas couches
-light tile

Basically, really neutral color palate so far. I really want to do something kind of fun... our breakfast nook has some green in it. If I do something brighter, I can get new pillows for the couches to tie it all together.

WHAT COLOR SHOULD I PAINT THE DRESSER? I hope someone reads this before I go to get paint in 2 hours. I'm going to distress it, so I'm thinking some sort of light, matte green or blue... or cream. Help!

I'm sooo not good at this.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Slowww Monday

This weekend felt so long... a welcomed change in my book.
Friday we headed to the Wharf for Steely Dan with Leighton & Jamie and had a great time. I cheated on Friday night and ate a (fried) chicken sandwich (w/ fries) from McDonalds.
It was awesome and I don't regret it.
Since we're talking about the diet, my lucky husband has lost 14 pounds. Yup, 14. And me? I've lost 3. I weighed myself the morning after my McDonalds incident, I wonder if that hindered my weight loss?? So maybe I've really lose about 10?? heh
A gal can dream, right?
Aren't guys the worst??

Chappell's great. She's starting to take longer morning and afternoon naps... it's funny how these things just happen when you aren't trying. About an hour is standard, but she's going two hours more and more. I've started giving her a little blanket at nap time and it really helps her fall asleep.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally makin' some babyfood

I finally got on the ball and made some baby food. Thank you, Allison, for your post and baby food motivation. You are my mommy inspiration! Ha... somethin' about the word "mommy" cracks me up when I'm referring to myself. Or anyone else for that matter.
I want Chaps to eat organic food for as long as possible. I know the days of fast food & convenience will eventually come, but I'm going to try for now. If she likes the homemade stuff it will end up saving us a lot of moolah. If I don't keep it up, I'll just end up buying tons and tons of organic jarred food... which adds up pretty quickly.
It was actually super easy.
Bon Appetit Chappella!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

H <3's R


I hope this doesn't embarrass you too much, even though I'm pretty sure it will.
I just want you to know how much I (we) love you.
Shall we take a trip down memory lane??
I think so.
Here's our first picture together... at Rum Runners in Baytowne Wharf.

Did you ever think we'd bring our baby there to see the Easter Bunny?
I can admit, it wasn't on my mind that particular evening.

I knew it was l-o-v-e when you had your wisdom teeth taken out... just so I didn't have to do it alone. Not to mention at your future in-laws' casa.

This was a fun day...

Thanks for being such a sport even when I'm impulsive and stubborn. Like when I decide it's the perfect time for a clay mask even though you're trying to watch Baseball Tonight.
I still thought you were pretty rad even when we were insanely overweight. Just a thought for baby #2... let's try not do that again, K? I mean, where did our necks go?

Happy New Year 2K7...

Thanks for taking me to Canada for our honeymoon since I'm 1/3rd albino. And don't like the sand. And don't really like bathing suits. Or really anything about the beach in general.

Hmmm. Why do you live at the beach, one might ask??

Thanks for taking me to Memphis to see Cover. That was lots O fun!

Thanks for sleeping on this couch contraption for 5 days without ever complaining. Thanks for never leaving me - even once - at the hospital. Thanks for being the best dad on the planet.
Thanks for loving Chappell so much. I know you love her more than anything... and that is so special to me. I love it when you ask to see her on the monitor just "one more time" before we go to sleep and how you want to be the one to wake her up in the morning.
She is so lucky to have you as her father.

Thanks for getting the birthday gear for Chappy's 5 minute party. Again, that was so sweet.

I love you so much. I hope you have a better day today (Wednesday).

Again, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. :)

Crafts from the Blogosphere

As we all know, ever since Miss Chappell was born (and becoming unemployed), I've been spending more of my time at home. More time at home means more time to browse the web, and browsing the web leads me to more and more blogs. Anyways, new friend and blogger Simply Seleta , posted about labels today.
Her blog led me to another blog, with a great tutorial showing how to make these cute little labels.
Being just little obsessive, I made some for myself... and for a few of Chappell's friends.
They really are so perfect to stick on a lunch box... envelope... book... whatever!
I loooove blogs.
I had cute "if found" labels on here, but just realized it might be a bad idea to blast my phone number across the internet... so those are no longer posted... oops.
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