Monday, June 15, 2009

Chappell Status Report

What Chaps has been up to:

1) She can sit up by herself quite well. Usually she can catch herself (especially frontwards/backwards) if she starts to tip over... unless she leans too far to her left of right.

2) She is really trying to crawl. She will scoot around to get to her toys. She likes tummy time a lot more now and is quite proud of her efforts to crawl. She is loooovve lovvving her exersaucer.

3) We are introducing Chappell to sippy cups. She loves to drink cold water... we are staying away from juices for now. We still use prune/apple juice in her cereal, however.

4) She is eating solids about three times a day now. Today for lunch she ate squash for the first time -- alas, a successful vegetable! No throwing up makes me very happy. For those of you who haven't been keepin' up with Chaps, she has not been a fan of veggies thus far, and usually shows her distaste with projectile vomit.

5) She loves to laugh... and lately she's been doing a fake cough to get our attention. She'll smile once you acknowledge her efforts. She's turning into quite the little dIvA! Sassy fo sho.

We had a great time in Pensacola this weekend. Probably too much fun. We went to lunch with Ferrill, Rob and Jane and managed to stay on our diet. Chappell went over to the McMahons after lunch to play with her friends on the dock. Chaps enjoyed meeting Ferrill's new puppy, Penny, even though she tried to eat her. Saturday night we met up with friends at the Fish House and had a grand ole' time, as usual. I paid for it yesterday.
Reed insisted on a celebratory round of shots (or two) which led to possibly the worst hangover of all time. I'm still payin' today, but that's when I thank my lucky stars I don't have a job. We're laying low on this happy Monday.

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