Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cover is engaged!!

As you can see, one of my other best friends from Pcola (Cover) got engaged over the weekend!!
I kind of knew it was coming... because I sort-of-kind-of-cornered Jeff a few weeks ago at the beach house and asked when he was proposing. I'd like to say that I'm not a total psycho and knew that they had been looking at hardware (rings) for quite some time. I just needed to be prepared as to avoid a total "freakout." When things of this proportion happen completely out of the blue I tend to get overly excited and it's not pretty.
But I am still so excited!!!
Covs, here are a few pics that I thought you might enjoy.
You, like Ferrill, are lucky because I decided not to post some of our oldies. I got the albums out and ready to go-- and then decided that for both of our sakes they should remain where they are... in my dresser.
The first pic I chose is from a fun trip to Memph. Two of my BFFs!

Boat Parade, Fiesta 2K5

From one of our engagement parties in Pcola...

Over-served on Spring Break our senior year of college... but seriously, can't you see the love?? Ha... like most times we get into the wine!

With Chappy at MC's wedding a couple of months ago...

Cover and Chappell meet for the first time in Birmingham...

At my wedding...
Cover and Reed at our wedding...

The bach party in NOLA. Good times. Goooood times.

Cover and her future husband in Grayton a few weeks ago. Looking forward to many more beach trips!

Covs, I am so excited for you!
You have always been the bestest bestest friend... I mean, we've basically done everything together??!
I'm so happy that you've found someone like Jeff. You two are the cutest couple - and so much fun to be around.
We can't wait for all of the festivities to begin. I am so excited to be a part of your wedding.
I love you so much Clover!
Again, I'm SOO happy for you!
I need to count how many times I used the word "excited."
And "happy."

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Cover said...

Awhh thanks Holland!!! We are soo excited!

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