Monday, June 22, 2009

Slowww Monday

This weekend felt so long... a welcomed change in my book.
Friday we headed to the Wharf for Steely Dan with Leighton & Jamie and had a great time. I cheated on Friday night and ate a (fried) chicken sandwich (w/ fries) from McDonalds.
It was awesome and I don't regret it.
Since we're talking about the diet, my lucky husband has lost 14 pounds. Yup, 14. And me? I've lost 3. I weighed myself the morning after my McDonalds incident, I wonder if that hindered my weight loss?? So maybe I've really lose about 10?? heh
A gal can dream, right?
Aren't guys the worst??

Chappell's great. She's starting to take longer morning and afternoon naps... it's funny how these things just happen when you aren't trying. About an hour is standard, but she's going two hours more and more. I've started giving her a little blanket at nap time and it really helps her fall asleep.

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