Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I need help - Fast!

I do not know what color to paint the dresser that I'm refinishing for our kitchen.

Here's a little background so you can help:
-brownish light colored granite...
-sort of honey colored cabinets
-stainless appliances and knobs
-white/canvas couches
-light tile

Basically, really neutral color palate so far. I really want to do something kind of fun... our breakfast nook has some green in it. If I do something brighter, I can get new pillows for the couches to tie it all together.

WHAT COLOR SHOULD I PAINT THE DRESSER? I hope someone reads this before I go to get paint in 2 hours. I'm going to distress it, so I'm thinking some sort of light, matte green or blue... or cream. Help!

I'm sooo not good at this.


etalbert715 said...

I think a blue would be really pretty... I am about to email you a pic of an entry way with a fun blue color! :)

Sarah said...

So, what's the verdict?

Holland said...

hah i went with a green called recycled glass. i like it!

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