Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally makin' some babyfood

I finally got on the ball and made some baby food. Thank you, Allison, for your post and baby food motivation. You are my mommy inspiration! Ha... somethin' about the word "mommy" cracks me up when I'm referring to myself. Or anyone else for that matter.
I want Chaps to eat organic food for as long as possible. I know the days of fast food & convenience will eventually come, but I'm going to try for now. If she likes the homemade stuff it will end up saving us a lot of moolah. If I don't keep it up, I'll just end up buying tons and tons of organic jarred food... which adds up pretty quickly.
It was actually super easy.
Bon Appetit Chappella!

1 comment:

Pizza by the Sea said...

Just got some time to read your blog. Chappell is gorgeous! Loved learning more about your cute family and go you making your own baby food! See you soon. :) -Stacy

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