Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This morning I went to my new OBGYN. Thrilling, huh?
She was really nice and told me that (down the road) I am a great candidate for a VBAC. For those of you that (unlike me) haven't read all about pregnancy and birth, a VBAC is an acronym for "vaginal birth after cesarean." A lot of OBGYNs will not perform VBACs anymore because there is a slim risk (under 1%) of uterine rupture through the old incision. If this happens, the doctor most likely gets sued and it can be fatal.
My mom had two VBACS-- I was a c-section and Smith and ML were natural, so I am definitely interested in exploring the idea. C-sections aren't terrible, but the recovery is most unsavory.
Dr. Esses said I can choose to have a VBAC if I go into labor on my own - and if I am not overdue.
We shall see... I just don't know how I would manage to recover from another c-section... and take care of Chappell and a newborn. Sounds awful!

Our Nutrisystem arrived today! I think we are going to start on Monday since Reed's dad will be staying with us tonight and tomorrow. I'm trying to get junk cravings out of my system before we begin... I just ate waaaayy to many garlic bagel chips. Yum!

Mom and Smith get back tomorrow. Yahoo! Mom, will you please come help me decorate my house now??

I have an exciting project for this weekend! At least it's exciting to me...
I'm going to refinish an old dresser. I need to find a good paint color and cool drawer pulls. Everyone knows how much I love projects....
Gray House roomies: remember "Operation: Pink Tire Swing?"
What the hell??


Tracy and TJ Williford said...
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Tracy and TJ Williford said...

I love your choice of words "most unsavory". I, too, had a C Section and was in labor for 24 hours before they decided she wasn't coming out the old fashioned way. I have also thought about a VBAC, it is definetly something to consider. You go first please, and let me know how it is. :)

Holland said...

haha i know-- it sucks! i want a vbac so bad, but i'm a little scared of it. although, i'm sure uterine rupture is worse! we shall see... i'll probably chicken out.

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