Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Radio Silence

We're going to Grayton for the rest of the week to celebrate my dad's birthday! My brother Eric, his wife Carin and their two daughters Michaela and Amanda are coming to take part in the festivities. They live in San Fran and haven't met the Chapster yet... exciting!
Mom, Smith, ML & the birthday boy will arrive Thursday night.
It's just 4 days, but with the baby, all of her stuff and our Nutrisystem meals it feels like I'm packing for a month!
I'm sure I will have lots of pictures to post from the birthday extravaganza.
As most of you know, there's no internet at the beach casa (and bad cell reception)... so if ya need me, call the beach!
Here we are with Eric, Carin & Michaela a long, long time ago in Grayton Beach. Yeah, that's me on the far right. What a crazy KoOk-of-a-kid.
(L to R: ML, mom, Smith, Eric, Carin, Michaela and your's truly)

I should've been on Nutrisystem then!
(L to R: Me, Michaela, Smith & ML)
Man, you two were sportin' some sweet bangs.

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