Monday, June 1, 2009

Will's 4th Birthday Weekend

Chappell (8 days away from 6 months) hangin' out with her cousin Mary Parker (4 1/2 months) and Buddy (Reed's dad).
Trying to kick her cousin off of the couch.

Cousins & best friends!

All wrapped up after her first swim!

Chappell & Aunt Meg

Will, the birthday boy, in the pool...

Daddy and Chappell in the pool for the first time. She seemed to be OK with it...

On the way to the pool in her bikini from Aunt B (Brooke)! If you cannot see it clearly, because my camera is so blurry (more about that later), it is a triangle top/string bikini - hilarious!
So, we had a great weekend at Bay Point for Will's 4th birthday! Reed's whole family was there, and we had a lot of fun spending time with them. Chappell went in the pool for the first time on Friday evening and seemed to enjoy it! Saturday, we all went on a pirate ship to celebrate the big birthday-- the babies stayed with a babysitter at the condo. The pirate ship was hilarious-- they had pretend pirates walking around the boat leading activities for the kids... and a full bar for the adults. It really was entertaining-- I'm sure we'll do it again once the girls are older (MP and Chaps).
On the baby front... Chappell is still trying to scoot around if we put her on her stomach. This scares me because I know I only have a few weeks, maybe a month, until she'll start crawling. Yikes!
We tried to switch formulas this morning because her formula is being discontinued this month... just my luck. She hated it and wouldn't drink the new stuff... so I just went to and ordered about a month and a half's worth of the old formula. Hopefully when we run out again we'll figure something out. Yet another question for the 6 month check up. I think I'm going to work on a list for that at some point...
And about the camera-- I'm going crazy with my little digital canon. It's either clear, with red eye - or blurry without red eye. I've messed with the settings a zillion times and it doesn't seem to help. I've had it since college and I think it's time for retirement. I'm currently researching cameras, so we shall see. I really like the canon rebel... hopefully I'll get one soon and take a class. Smith bought Photoshop for me in Thailand... I'm really excited to start playing around with that.
PS- Sorry the pictures are out of order... it's the way they uploaded and I was way too lazy to sort them.


Anonymous said...

Love that little bikini!!! You put her in the pool! YAY!

Margaret Leigh said...

so cute the pics of chap and her cousins. i miss her so much!!! and i miss you. and you too, reed.

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