Thursday, May 28, 2009

2 Strikes = More than enough

Well, I really thought the reason Chappell threw up her sweet potatoes yesterday was because I mixed in too much rice cereal. I thought it was just too thick. Since "they" say to try foods for at least three days in a row to rule out allergies, etc., etc., I decided to try again.
Well, apparently I was wrong. Reed was here this time and insists that the second she smelled the sweet potatoes she started to gag. Once she had the smallest bit of sweet potatoes in her mouth... projectile vomiting once again... and this time it was bigger and badder than before. I'm talkin' Exorcist style. The worst part about it is I don't know what it means.
PS, Thanks mom for going to Thailand for a month.
She's eaten prune baby food... and she's been eating rice cereal for almost 2 months now.
I've been googling random things... to only come up with potential allergy & just not ready for solids... who the heck knows. Is instantaneous vomiting even an allergy symptom??
Let's just say this is one of those things that has left me confused, and I will have plenty to ask the pediatrician in a week and a half!
Poor little thing.
She's fine.
She ate a big bowl of rice cereal with prune juice right after she lost her breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Reed is currently putting her to bed.
DO Y'ALL SEE THAT I AM COVERED IN PUKE?? Like I've said before, she's the only person in the whole world that is allowed to poo or pee on me... so let's just add vomit for good measure. Honestly, I didn't even mind.


Sarah said...

I've been so far behind!!! Well, I'm all caught up now, and I'll post pics of Chappell on Facebook this weekend that you can poach. I want to make the blog!!!!

Caitlin said...

maybe she just doesn't like sweet pots. if i smell tequila i also gag. and if its put in my mouth i also projectile vomit.

Allison said...

I agry with Caitlin...perhaps sweet potatoes are Chap's tequila!! Tonight we left the orange veggies behind and tried peas. Riley loves them as much as Charlie!

Allison said...

Can we say too much beer...I meant agree. Blaim RIchard's wedding for being at 2:0 in the afternoon!

Allison said...

Again I meant 2:30.

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