Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chaps and Jules

The Wood fam has been staying at Watercolor this week, and it's been so much fun to have them just ten minutes away! Sunday night when they arrived I snuck over there sans baby and got some good solo time w/ baby Jules. She is so cute -- and absolutely hysterical! It's crazy to see what a month's difference in age means for little babies. Julia is scooting around (almost crawling), sitting (almost) by herself, and yelling!
NOTE: For new readers (and I'm so pumped to actually have a few), Russell (Julia's mom) was my roomate most of college and is one of my best friends.

So... Monday afternoon, Smith, Lyle & I brought baby Chaps to meet her bff Jules... and she had a bit of a meltdown. For those of you who've been around Chappell, this never happens! She's usually so laid back. Of course it happened... it happened because I was so excited to see them play. Murphy's law... She hadn't had an episode like that in months.
So today, when Russell invited us to come to the pool, I figured there was no way it would/could happen again. I mean, lightening doesn't strike twice??

Meltdown # 2. Julia just got so excited to see her and let out some of her happy noises and Chaps just stuck out that bottom lip and started to cry. She eventually calmed down, but was nothing like her happy normal self. Tomorrow we're going to have Miss Julia come play at our house and see if that helps. Wish us luck.

Remember when they looked like this:

Look at us now!
Chappell: 5 months
Julia: 6 months

And... Chappell... about to go crazy!

We would like to thank Bloom and her sweet mother for the dress Chappell is modeling in the photos above. It's gorgeous!


Sarah said...

they're getting so big!

Elizabeth said...

So cute! Mom will be oh so excited.

Margaret Leigh said...

look at Chapster catching Julia in size! Julia looks like a little italian adorable. Cutest little lips!

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