Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend of May 15-16

This weekend we had lots of visitors and lots O fun. Here's how it went...
Friday morning I took Chappell to Dr. Sprenkle (her pediatrician) to have her ears checked. She's been teething for quite some time, however, Thursday afternoon she was particularly fussy and had a 100 degree temperature. Turns out, her ears are fine - she's probably just trying to cut her first tooth. Her temp went down to 98 degrees about two hours after I got the high reading... I'm starting to think we have a screwy thermometer. But it's always nice to go ahead and make sure everything's OK before the weekend. I rather be extra cautious than wait and have to take her into the ER to let some intern experiment with my baby.
Cover and Jeff arrived around noon and we all went to lunch at Acme Oyster House to kick off Cov's birthday weekend. Lauren and Avery came, too.
After lunch, we all went over to the Grayton House to begin the festivities. Brooke and Phelps arrived in time for our late din-din. A few of Reed's law school buddies and their wives joined us for dinner, also. Reed cooked one of his famous low country boils... but the real fun began after Avery and Chaps went to bed at 8 o'clock!
Saturday was a beach day for most of us. Bringing a baby to the beach is a difficult task, I must add. Reed and I stopped by Bass Pro Shops to buy a tent for Chappell. Reed went in looking for one of those baby beach tents... but came out with something much different. This tent had poles... stakes... the whole deal. Such a pain in the arse! Let's just say the thing flew away a few times... and Chappell wasn't exactly thrilled being inside of it. She lasted about 30 minutes before her daddy took her home. I think Reed let me stay because he knows I'm in such dire need of sun. Ha!

Cover and Jeff on the beach, Saturday.

Chappell in her swimsuit from Auntie Smith. I mean... come on, is she not the cutest thing ever?
Me and Chappy in the tent. My legs are the same color as the sand!

Fam shot from Friday afternoon. This was our trial run with the tent...
Lauren and Avery at the house. BTW, Avery is the cutest thing ever. She kept us all very entertained!
Saturday night was Covy's 25th birthday, so we went to Stinky's Fish Camp for dinner. I MUST tell you, Saturday night was a milestone for us. Reed called the Watercolor Inn and asked who they recommend to babysit... and we ended up using a babysitter for the first time ever! In her 5 months of life, Chappell has only stayed with our families... this was huge. I was NOT keen on the idea, but there was no way Lauren and I could take the kids to dinner because of their 8 o'clock bedtimes. The service came highly recommended... apparently they babysit for Country Music stars... and the CEO of Aflac.
Well, for 22 bucks an hour, I believe it.
Soooo... we put the babies to bed, and waited for Miss Karen, aka "K.K" to arive.
Oh my Lord.
I wanted to send her out the door the second she walked in. After interogating her for 15 minutes, checking her card & personal information we finally left the house. I felt kind of bad for her because the cable was out... oh, no worries... she told us she was just going to "pray" while we were gone. People who say things like that make me nervous.
I almost had an anxiety attack in the car.
Told the bartender the situation (like he cared) and he gave Lauren and I drinks that would "sedate" us.
What am I going to do when she goes to school????
Reed ordered a round of Oyster Shooters for the table.
I'm not sure the birthday gal enjoyed her shot!?
We had a great time this weekend, and are so glad you all came!

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