Monday, August 30, 2010

Lizzy's Bachelorette

Here are some hacked pictures from Lizzy's Bachelorette Party a few weeks ago.
I tried to spare you from pictures including faux male genitalia.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

before C got sick

Memories of play-dates...
dancing through our heads...


Baby Williams aka The Chapmeister has been on lockdown.
We don't want to spread conjunctivitis or this wretched cold to any of our unsuspecting friends.
Today, C enjoyed a lovely round of golf. Alllllll by herself.


Does this look like a kid with pink eye? Not to me...


Chaps should be good to go by tomorrow.

Monday, August 23, 2010


We went to the pediatrician today (after 4 days of 101-102 fevers) and found out that Chappy has an ear infection and ummmmm... errrr... conjunctivitis.
Conjunctivitis is a fancy word for pink eye.
It's kind of strange because her eyes aren't pink or red at all - but apparently that's why they are stuck together in the mornings.
We can't play with other kiddies until Thursday.
Major bummer.

Hopefully the antibiotics will fix her right up! Keep your fingers crossed that we have a better experience than we did last time...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet my new friends...


All those meds (and the bucket) have been by my side for about 4 days now.
and now Sunday.

I'm a lot better now, btw. Friday night Chaps was fever free and slept well.
Chappell, on the other hand, is still sick. The fever came back last night. Poor little thing's eyes were literally stuck together this morning when I woke her up.
And, yes, I woke her up. I was worried around 7 and had to go check on her... and the dang door woke her up.
The cough has gotten worse and *stuff* is pouring out of her nose... and eyes. It's pitiful.

*that beer made it all better!

Sick lil' Chappy :(
She actually doesn't look that bad here! She had a 102 fever when I took these. Go figure.


I've been meaning to slip cover those plaid chairs in the back ground. There wasn't room for them at the beach, but they're back on the scene in this bigger house. Any ideas?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sick Chappy

I'm home alone with a sick baby and feeling kind of down.

First I must say, we've been so lucky and the Chapster's been such a healthy baby and child (except for that one month -the ear infection nightmare)... it's to be expected that kids get sick... but I'm just tired and worn out after a really bad night.
Reed's at his best friend's bachelor party. He left yesterday afternoon.
Yesterday was the second day of a runny nose for Chappell. No big deal, but she seemed extra fussy, wouldn't eat much and was pulling at her ears, so I decided to take her to the pediatrician since I knew I had a weekend alone ahead. Just to be safe.

Actually, I wasn't supposed to be alone. We were going to spend the weekend at Lake Martin with Marlee and Eleanor (Marlee's husband is at a bachelor party, as well).
I had the car packed and ready. Cooler in the kitchen just waiting to be loaded.

It went like this.
Since I'm a little scared of being home alone overnight, I surfed da net until about 11 pm. Just to put off the whole trying to go to sleep thing.
That's when Chappell started coughing. The coughing just got worse and worse. About 30 minutes later she was wide awake around 11:30, laying in her crib saying:
"I loooove you. Hewwwo?? I loooooove you. Hewwwo?? Uhhhh ohhh bagggetio (spaghetti o's)." Over, and over again.
It was pitiful.

So, I went into her room to give her another does of Dimatap.
*Our pediatrician told me to give her about half a teaspoon every 4-5 hours.
When I got her out of the crib, I could tell immediately that she was burning up.
I took her into the hallway for some light, and saw that her eyes were almost swollen shut.

Freaking out, alone and tired - I went down to the kitchen to get her a cup of cold juice. Gave her some Motrin.
Got my cell phone and called my mom.

Her fever broke around 2ish.
I put her in the crib for a minute and went outside to get the pack n' play out of the trunk of my car. It was totally creepy and knew for sure the boogey man was going to jump out of the bushes... but I wanted to be able to keep an eye on her fever without waking her up. The door to her room is kind of noisy and she wakes up every time I open it.
Next: I set up the pack n' play in our bedroom and put her back down.
She didn't fall asleep until around 3 am. I laid there for a while and finally drifted off.

I think I got about an hour or two of sleep... and that is just NOT enough for me!
Which is probably why I'm feeling a little blue.
I'm just counting down the hours until Reed gets home... I can't remember the last time I cried... but I've shed a few today.

Chappell misses her daddy and I really miss my husband!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chappy 20 Month Update

Coming Soon :)


Hanging on to your seats, huh??

New York

This post contains a zillion pictures. If you're bored at work... or a family member... read on.

Since I could go on forever about this trip, I think I'll just explain some of the pictures. It'll be easier on you (and me) that way.

When you walk out of Walton's door... you're about a block away from David Letterman's set. Walt said that if you want to see a celebrity... just hang out around the side door after filming.
I kind of wanted to, but, alas, I resisted.


A random stop light...

Sister walking towards Central Park.

Sayyyyyyy Cheese!
Yes, I carried around a giant camera bag - all over the city, all day long.
I got some good pics, but I paid a serious price. Apparently, self tanner can't take the wear and tear of two heavy bags (my purse is practically a diaper bag) and 100 degree heat. I looked like I had a skin condition by the end of day 1.


Creepin' on random dude in the park.


Sisters | Central Park


Smitty, Radio City Music Hall


Sweatin' it up in the Subway


I mean, I love Theory, but don't read too much into the photo. This is not my way of paying homage to the Theory people.
Just the view I had from lunch... cool building though :)


Where the World Trade Center once was... pretty depressing...
After about 20 minutes (and nearly an anxiety attack) in Century 21 I ran outside for some air.
This is the view from the curb in front of Century 21.
I sat on the side of the road just staring at it for a while. Wow.
It's crazy | sad | sickening if you really think about all of the horrible things that happened here, only a few years ago.


Moving on to a much HaPpIeR place-- Times Square!


... where you can find all sorts of freaks and geeks. - like a miniature man dressed up as Sponge Bob Square Pants.
BTW, please excuse the horrible get-up I was wearing on day 2.
I thought that I was in the company of people who actually cared about me and what I look like! Why my sister and best friend let me outta the house looking like this - I will never know.
It was a maternity shirt, guys. I need help.


Of course we had to go to Toys R Us (in Times Square) to get Chappy some goodies.
But don't think we didn't have a little fun while we were there.
Ummm... the Barbie department? Uber cool.
Did you know they make Barbie video cameras now? The camera lens is a part of Barbie's necklace! I would've wanted that so bad.
(We had to get a picture with Edward and Jacob).


Haha... us Sinrod girls wouldn't have been allowed to have these guys...
My parents didn't buy us Ken dolls...
I don't really know why... but that's another story for another time.
Let's just say that we were resourceful and made do with what we had.


Walton gettin' her grove on with the Dance Dance Revolution Super NOVA.


Check Smith's blog for an explanation regarding these ladies...


The Empire State Building... Wally tells me that it is full of dental offices... kind of funny.


Cool view from lunch.


We had delicious Sangria... it was such a perfect (carefree) lunch.


Goofy picture of us in the cab... Once again, I over-straightened my hair.


After Ellis Island, you go here... I think to be "decontaminated" one last time? I need to research this. My dad's dad came through here on his way over from Russia as a baby. It's a cool story. Again... another story for another time. It's 10:45 at night and way past my bedtime!


I like sugar.


Nearly fell off the boat trying to get some pics of her...


After the Circle Line (cruise around the city) we were able to view our "fam" pic. I decided to save 20 bucks and took a picture of our picture. I got in trouble and was forced to run away.


That's about it!
After the boat ride we went to dinner at a really cool French restaurant, but I already forgot the name. My memory is pitiful these days.

I had such a great time.
Walton, thank you so much for letting us stay with you, even though you were in the middle of moving!
And Smith, thanks for taking me everywhere, showing me around and not freaking out when I always insisted on "a plan."
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