Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm obviously behind...

What's new?

It's nap time, and I'm trying to get a little caught up around here.
Just got dinner situated (kind of scared... a few random ingredients and wahhhlaa! hodgepodge casserole...) - I figured I'd try to get the blog up to speed.

This past weekend I went to New York with my sister. It was incredible.
We walked a lot - I destroyed a pair of sandals and my pedicure in two days. But it was totally worth it!
We stayed with one of my best friends, Walton. We lived together all four years of college if you count Tut and the srat house... and I do, by the way.

This is Walton: I really like this picture - check out that hair! (From our boat tour Saturday night).

Walton has lived in New York for 3 years now.
However, I am super-duper-excited to announce that she is moving back to Bama this Friday.
She got a great job in Birmingham... all of our friends are more than pumped to have her back down South.

First thing's first.
The New York post will have to wait... hopefully, I'll have it ready in a day or so... but it might be longer since I'm getting ready for (another) best friend's bachelorette party this weekend in Grayton Beach.

----- Switching Gears! -----

She's graced this blog O' mine before, but just in case, let me introduce you to my older sister, Lyle.
Lyle lives in Bangkok, Thailand.
She has three boys. Lyle loads up and drags her crew across the world for at least a month every summer. While they were here, we spent a weekend with them at my parents house in Pensacola.
We were super excited when Lyle & Co. drove up to Montgomery to check out our new (rental) digs!

Here's Nathan, the oldest:

And Alec, the middle man:

Last, but not least, Iain (pronounced "Ian") the baby:

Chappell loved spending time with her cousins...
especially little Iain since he's not much bigger than her!

Lyle and I are 14 years apart. We still think it's so funny that we ended up having kids so close in age.
The two of us have always been close... but honestly, neither one of us ever thought we'd end up sharing mom advice. Lyle bought me my first breast pump. Precious, right?

Iain will be 3 in September... and little Chappellina will be 2 in December.
They're only about 15 months apart. Life is crazy sometimes, huh?


Ta ta for now!

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