Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chappell's Days...

1) Chappell's famous "poo face." She becomes really alert, flares her nostrils and makes a kissy face. It's hilarious.
2) Chappell's new moses basket that "Emmy" brought us today. It looks rather cozy! I want one...
3) Muscle baby. Chappell has been holding her bottles (and pacifiers) since we were in the hospital. She's a really strong baby!
4) Hangin' out in her car seat. She loves it.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well, a lot has been going on at our house lately. The family was all here for Christmas and we had a great time. Mom and Smith were here since Chappell was born and just left yesterday. Yesterday was our first day with the baby completely solo and I think it went pretty well. But... I will miss the extra set of hands!
At first the baby's days and nights were a little mixed up but she seems to be getting the hang of it now. It didn't help with the weather being so icky outside. The days seemed like night... probably confusing for a little baby. Now we can at least expect a couple hours of sleep between feedings and diaper changes. The first few nights we were up till about 6am!
Emily and Buddy (Reed's parents) came up a few days before Christmas to bring presents, see the baby and take us out to dinner. We had a great time getting out for an "adult" dinner... and I got a litttttle tipsy on my glass of wine. I'm such a light weight after 10 (almost 11 now) long months of sobriety.
Tomorrow we're taking Chappell to the doctor for an MRI. Our pediatrician does this for all breech babies to make sure their hips are OK. Sometimes after a breech pregnancy they are out of the socket. I was breech and had this problem as a baby so I'm glad their being so conscientious... I had to wear a little baby hip brace for my first 6 weeks of life and hope Chappell doesn't have to!
OH yes, more news for the blog. I've told most of you in an e-mail, but we are moving! Reed took a job with a firm based out of Tallahassee, FL in their Grayton Beach office and starts January 19th. We're so excited! We're going to live in the beach house until our house in Birmingham sells and then buy closer to Destin. It's going to be busy in the upcoming weeks but at least Reed only has 3 more days of work left. I'm going to need his help! By the way, Reed is the best dad ever and king of the diaper changes. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008


Poop has never been something I really cared to talk about.  These days, I feel that a lot of our conversations revolve around our baby's bowel movements.  Color, consistency, frequency, texture--- you name it.  I guess it's all a part of being a parent and living with a newborn baby.   
So, today I was feeding Chappell and had my hand positioned on her bottom when all of a sudden- an explosive poop burst out of her diaper and into my open palm.  Lovely!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Lurve My Baby

Chappell - 8 days old.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chappell goes to the Doctor!

Well, today was our first outing with the babe.  It's amazing how long it takes to get ready to go somewhere with her.  I started getting ready at 6:30 am for a 9 o'clock appointment... and it seems like we were rushed to get there.  It will take some getting used to!
Chappell is 8 days old today and has gained almost 9 ounces since we left the hospital - which is great!  She's back up to her birth weight (babies lose about 5% to 7% of their weight in the hospital).  It makes me feel better that all of this pumping and nursing is actually working.  I would certainly hope so.  
The doctor said she was doing really well - her mild case of jaundice cleared up on its own which was quite a relief.  All in all, it was a great visit.  Although, I can't say I'm a fan of all the sick & grimy kids with runny noses at the pediatrician's office.  Yuck.  We didn't realize at first that they have a "well baby" waiting room.  Thank God!
Chappell had a long night last night and was wide awake on and off until about 5 this morning.  She's snoozing away as we speak.  Days and nights still a little mixed up...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So baby Chappell is home and we're starting to get into the swing of things.  For those of you I haven't talked to... here's how it all happened.
Monday morning I ran a bunch of errands and cleaned out my closet.  I guess there's truth to the "nesting phenomenon,"  because I hadn't done anything productive in the days prior to Chapp's arrival!  Reed came home from work around 5pm and we both spent the next hour cleaning up a little and getting ready to make dinner.  I was standing next to Reed in the kitchen cleaning the sink and all of a sudden... gush.  I wasn't sure I would really know when my water broke.  Trust me, you know.  Both of us were really excited and started freaking out.  Literally.  
So... we rushed to the hospital.  Once we got there they realized my blood pressure was really high and that we needed to get things moving pretty quickly.  It was rather strange that my blood pressure was high because it's been low and the same throughout my entire pregnancy.  Weird. 
Anyways, I was given Pitocin through an IV to get contractions started.  PS, contractions hurt like Hell and the epidural is the best thing ever.  It didn't hurt me at all.  Just one little stick and then you don't feel a thing.  AWESOME.
Once I got to around 4 cms, I was checked again.  The nurse started acting a little strange and called another nurse into the room.  She also checked me and I started to get a little suspicious.  They said what they were feeling seemed to0 soft to be her head, so the doctor came in and did an ultrasound.  As it turns out, little Miss Chappell was breech (the entire time) and they had been feeling her little butt... not her head.  SO, about 30 minutes later, Chappell was born via C-Section.  It didn't hurt at all, but the recovery has been a little unpleasant.  
All the matters is Chappell is here- and she's perfectly healthy.  We have an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow.  First time out of the house!  Woohoo!  
See pic of Chappell laying with me as I blog!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

39 Weeks, 1 Day

Still pregnant!
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 9:15... 6 days until my due date!
My family all placed bets on when they thought the baby would be born. For those of you who haven't had a baby, it's more of a due "month" when the baby is likely to come. Typically babies are born 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after a due date. Thankfully my doctor won't let me go that long!
Anyways, my mom guessed Thanksgiving, Smith guessed the 24th (?), I guessed the 28th, and Reed's guess is today (8th). I don't know if Reed will win the prize, but that would be fine with me.
No one can say I'm not trying to will this baby out - I've been walking, eating spicy food & pineapple... Next on the list of attempts is a recipe for eggplant parmesan from a restaurant in Smyrna, Georgia. They were mentioned on Good Morning America a few years ago and it worked for my sister-in-law. Apparently if you eat the stuff, you'll go into labor within about 48 hours. We're making it Friday!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby Godwin is Here!

Congrats to Allison & Michael!
To those of you who don't know Allison, she is from Pensacola (she got me started in blogworld) and is married to one of Reed's fraternity brothers from Birmingham Southern. Allison and I went to high school together and reconnected through our crazy husbands who are great friends. Allison was due a day before me, the 13th, and woke up in the middle of the night (last night) to have her water break... Her precious little boy, Riley was born this morning around 7!
We are so happy for you!
I've become the lone-pregnant ranger (Marla, it's you and me now)... Allison & I have been e-mailing/talking/documenting our pregnancies and experiences together since our due dates were so close... and now she's gone!
Cutest baby ever!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

38 Weeks, 2 Days

12 days until my due date!
I went to the doctor this morning for another check and I'm still 2 cms... now about 70% effaced. So... we're just waiting!
Good news: sciatica magically disappeared about 2/3 days ago. I feel so much better. Hope it stays away!
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