Monday, December 8, 2008

39 Weeks, 1 Day

Still pregnant!
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 9:15... 6 days until my due date!
My family all placed bets on when they thought the baby would be born. For those of you who haven't had a baby, it's more of a due "month" when the baby is likely to come. Typically babies are born 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after a due date. Thankfully my doctor won't let me go that long!
Anyways, my mom guessed Thanksgiving, Smith guessed the 24th (?), I guessed the 28th, and Reed's guess is today (8th). I don't know if Reed will win the prize, but that would be fine with me.
No one can say I'm not trying to will this baby out - I've been walking, eating spicy food & pineapple... Next on the list of attempts is a recipe for eggplant parmesan from a restaurant in Smyrna, Georgia. They were mentioned on Good Morning America a few years ago and it worked for my sister-in-law. Apparently if you eat the stuff, you'll go into labor within about 48 hours. We're making it Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Reed won!!!! I can't wait to see her. CONGRATS! to both of you!!!

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