Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well, a lot has been going on at our house lately. The family was all here for Christmas and we had a great time. Mom and Smith were here since Chappell was born and just left yesterday. Yesterday was our first day with the baby completely solo and I think it went pretty well. But... I will miss the extra set of hands!
At first the baby's days and nights were a little mixed up but she seems to be getting the hang of it now. It didn't help with the weather being so icky outside. The days seemed like night... probably confusing for a little baby. Now we can at least expect a couple hours of sleep between feedings and diaper changes. The first few nights we were up till about 6am!
Emily and Buddy (Reed's parents) came up a few days before Christmas to bring presents, see the baby and take us out to dinner. We had a great time getting out for an "adult" dinner... and I got a litttttle tipsy on my glass of wine. I'm such a light weight after 10 (almost 11 now) long months of sobriety.
Tomorrow we're taking Chappell to the doctor for an MRI. Our pediatrician does this for all breech babies to make sure their hips are OK. Sometimes after a breech pregnancy they are out of the socket. I was breech and had this problem as a baby so I'm glad their being so conscientious... I had to wear a little baby hip brace for my first 6 weeks of life and hope Chappell doesn't have to!
OH yes, more news for the blog. I've told most of you in an e-mail, but we are moving! Reed took a job with a firm based out of Tallahassee, FL in their Grayton Beach office and starts January 19th. We're so excited! We're going to live in the beach house until our house in Birmingham sells and then buy closer to Destin. It's going to be busy in the upcoming weeks but at least Reed only has 3 more days of work left. I'm going to need his help! By the way, Reed is the best dad ever and king of the diaper changes. :)

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Sarah said...

Love her! I want to see yall again soon! But don't worry. I'll come visit all the time when yall live at the beach!

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