Monday, February 14, 2011

Little bit O fun

It's proving to be hard to keep up with two blogs, facebook, my website and oh yeah, the business.
I figured I'd link you over to my HWP blog... I actually posted yesterday.
*HWP blog will be getting a makeover verrrrrrrrrry soon... can't wait!

Lots of good news coming my way recently... I'm so excited.

Allison submitted my shots of Riley's birthday party to Kori Clark's party blog, Paper & Pigtails... and it was published today!!
Check it out!

So much more to come... later!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

happy hump day

in another pathetic attempt to keep the blog from withering up and dying, here i am again.
chaps is down for a nap and i'm in the midst of cleaning, cooking and getting packed up for a newborn shoot in the morning. however, i just sat down to my computer to file my alabama state sales tax (you have to file every month your first year in business-- ick) and blogging sounded more appealing. SO, procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate. lawd.

so... to document a few funnies regarding miss chaps that have occurred since i last saw this blog o mine:
1) chaps got stung by a wasp last friday. although it was the saddest thing ever, and scared the poo out of me, she was so cute after the fact. she kept looking over at the HUGE dying black wasp saying, "mean, mean buuug-- you're a meannn meann bugggg" --- picture her saying this with the most southern accent ever, and sobbing. she was so upset with the wasp for stinging her. how dare he sting the biggest animal/critter lover on the planet. how dare he.
2) a few nights ago, after we put chaps to bed we noticed her on the video monitor flying her baby dolls on her feet-- does anyone know what i'm talking about? you know, the airplane game? anyways, we do it w/ her all the time... so there she was, playing airplane w/ her baby dolls. cutest thing ever. "your flyyyyyyying, baby, you're flyyyyyyyyying!"
3) chaps has started taking her pjs off after we put her to bed. i don't know why. don't know what she's thinking. after she falls asleep we sneak in and put her pjs back on. it's quite sad to see her curled up in a ball wearing just her diaper... two year olds are nuts.
4) bought some special big girl panties. she picked them out all by herself and was so excited on the way home she wore a pair on her arm. "DOOOOWA (dora) panties!!" --- as for the whole potty training thing... work in progress... but i don't think we're quite there yet. remember when she pooed in the potty at 19 months old? early potty trainer you thought? no dice.
5) lovin' some tutus. and mermaids. and the jungle book. and the lion king.

that's enough of that for now...
is anyone else addicted to caffeine? new little trick to try... put a pack (if your a fattie like me) or half a pack of swiss miss sugar free hot chocolate mix in your coffee.
it's pretty dern good.

my smith sister is moving to new york city today... my other sister, margaret leigh is in italy teaching until june and just got accepted to university of london for graduate school.
i'm kind of sad about this. chaps is too.

i must do my taxes now...
i'll leave you with a couple pictures of my most adorable two year old - it's been wet outside the past few days so we've been getting creative.

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