Monday, May 18, 2009

Just a lil' Prickly Heat

Poor Chappell.
We all had a lot of fun this weekend, but it turns out the side porch may have been a little too hot for baby girl. Yesterday morning when we were about to leave the beach house (on the side porch, of course) I realized Chappell was covered with little red spots... all over her back, chest, lets, arms... and naturally I freaked out.
At first I was thinking... allergic reaction?? I quickly realized that's not possible because she's been on the same diet for over a month, we haven't introduced any new foods yet.
She was in a great mood, smiling away, so I figured it wasn't anything too serious.
I frantically phoned the doctor on call, my dad, and Reed's brother Bryant (also a doctor) to see what it could be. After consulting the parenting bible, What to Expect in the First Year, it was confirmed: heat rash, sometimes known as "prickly heat."
She's fine. I just gave her a bath with baking soda, and apparently it will go away in a few days.
Whooosh... another crisis averted.

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