Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quick e-mail excerpt from Reed

From the body of one of Reed's recent e-mails to his friends...

Just thought I would provide a little update about the Williams in Florida. We spent last weekend in Apalachicola celebrating our second anniversary and the Memorial Day weekend. I think we killed about two hund oysters between us. Just a quick story to show how I am becoming acclimated to the Florida lifestyle.

Scene: Apalachicola Convenience Store, I walk in

Lady Cashier: Boy, are you going out in the sun today?
Me: I think so.
Lady Cashier: Here, then you need this. (handing me a bottle of SPF 60 lotion).
Me: Come on, that's just rude.
Lady Cashier: No, it's considerate. Have you seen your legs? And here in Franklin County we're honest. Franklin County - home of the drunks (as she sips from a solo cup).


Allison said...

That is hilarious and I think she was being awful considerate! I have seen your legs too!

Margaret Leigh said...

one, you aren't getting acclimated to the florida lifestyle, if you have been a florida resident for most of your life. two, why did she refer to you as boy? that's just insulting.

Holland said...

haha this happened to reed, not me! but yes, my legs are white, too.

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