Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Ummmmm... so, my sister is well on her way to becoming a famous fashion designer!
This is what she said on Facebook:

This is one of those "pinch me" moments -
My line, now known simply as By Smith, has been selected to show in the Fresh Faces in Fashion runway show on March 10th to kick off 2010 MIAMI FASHION WEEK!
See below:
"Over the past decade, the national Fresh Faces program has helped to catapult the careers of designers such
as Zac Posen, Rebecca Taylor, Uli Herzner (before her appearance on "Project Runway"), Vena Cava, Milly, Twinkle, KRELwear, Sari Gueron, Julian Chang, Jeffrey Sebelia and dozens of others."
Thank you for your support!

We are all so proud of you, Smitty! Probably no one more than me... well... maybe mom. But even that is questionable!

Now I have to figure out the babysitting situation... my mom suggested that we bring Chappell to the show.
Seriously, mom???
I'm sure Kristin Stewart and Justin Long would love chatting with my toddler.
{Yes, Twilight fans, she was there last year}

Looks like I will be headed to Meeee-AH-mee twice this month!

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EMILY said...

Congrats Smith... that is awesome!!!!

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