Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's time...

For a "what is Chappell doing" post! I know you are excited. I am, too.

You all know why, right?
Chappy is 14 months old today!
Happy b-day, Cha.

Let me see here...
*Chappell is still a member of the crawling population. She's taken steps - usually about 1, 2, or 3 at a time. I haven't seen more than 3.
*She can stand independently for extended periods of time. She can stand from the squatting position... and likes to do so over and over again. Feel the burn.
*She eats tons and tons of table food. I can't think of anything she won't eat.
However, I'm a total wimp (I know this), and haven't let her try eggs, peanut butter or seafood yet. It just hasn't been an issue - and I don't feel the need to do so at this point.
I'm sure she'll be fine when we do decide to introduce these foods.
If you are wondering why I've refrained... those three are some of the top allergens for kiddos and I know of several babies that have had scary reactions. I asked my pediatrician if I could give Chappell her first PB&J at her office.
She laughed. Not sure if she knew I was serious...
*Chappellina goes to bed at 7:20 and sleeps at least 12 hours, consistently. Soooo thankful for this!
*Still taking two naps a day. I'm not ditching the morning nap until I absolutely have to... I think we have at least another month or so...
*Chappell is quite the babbler. When I sing "Old McDonald," she has learned to chime in with "eeeeIIIIIeeeeIIIooooh."
Sometimes she says "eeeeIIIIIeeeeIII-wwwwoooowww," which is of course, super cute. She has 'mama' and 'dada' down pat. She sometimes says 'daddy' instead of 'dada.' She says 'hey' to strangers from time to time. She's quite the ham. I still hear 'duck' and 'doggie.' She is learning to say "juice" and it's absolutely hysterical when she says it... sounds like:
juuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssssshhhhh (in a whisper, always)
Chaps can say "buh buh," but doesn't always say it when waving.
*Chapster loves to play on our bed. When I count to three she dives backwards into the never-ending fluff. She loves how soft it is. Too bad I can't upload our video camera onto the MAC because you would die. She's so dramatic.
*Chappy is a mean high fiver. She never misses.
*Chappy is a finger sucker - totally addicted to her pointer and middle fingers. It's pretttttay funny to watch.
*Loves to unload/reload anything and everything. Especially my underwear drawer. That's a personal fave.
*She is pretty good at matching shapes. She can stack blocks. Great problem solver... She can get into anything. Child proof, whaaaaa??
*Loves to play peek-a-boo under our coffee table... and LOVES dogs!
*She has 6 teeth... I think. I need to feel around in there. Haven't ventured into her toothy mouth in a while! On the subject of teeth, we've been brushing her teeth for about a month or so. She seems to like it, from what I hear. Teeth brushing is one of Reed's jobs!

That's all I can think of for now. Sheesh. Can't believe it's been 14 months!

Oh and I haven't been eating carbs for almost 2 weeks. I think I'm done with carbs till wedding season's over!
That's about it for now...


Coley said...

Great update!! I can't believe it's been 14 months either! Wild! Thinking about #2 yet? :-)

Holland said...

ummm about number two, i would love to have another one... but i think i'm going to have to wait a little while. i don't want to be preggo for all of these weddings coming up. i'm finally losing my baby weight... so we'll see. it'll probably be november-december before we go down that road again...

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