Thursday, February 4, 2010

Go Team! and a new header

Look up, and check out the picture on the left.
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Cheerleader Chap!
Such form!
Are pom poms and gymnastics in our future?
(Note the perfectly positioned right knee)
Oh, my little flyer... taking after her aunties.

Reed and I got a good chuckle :)

***Holy Moly. I just published this mini post and turned to Reed (we're already in bed) and made a little joke about him being Chappell's base.
Or whatever it's called when you are a male cheerleader.
He then informs me that he was a male cheerleader in high school.
He said, "it was cool to be a cheerleader if you didn't play football."
Wow. Wow.
Now he's insisting that each cheerleader asked one special guy to cheer with them at one game each year... and that his friends did it, too.
Wes? He claims that you participated. You too, Kirk.

At first I thought he was a member of the squad... phew.


Allison & Michael Godwin said...

I would post something here, but instead I have emailed it to Michael and will let him do the honors of harrassing Reed!

Michael said...

Information I wish I had been aware of years ago.....for now I will just savor the moment and the visual of Reed with a mega phone and sweat bans...Go team!!!!

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