Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Home Free

We went to the doc today.
I'm proud to announce that Chappy is ear infection free.
That means no more crazy talk from me. For now.

Dr. Sprenkle suggested some "air time" (sans diaper) to help heal Chappell's booty.

I won't be trying that again.

I'm so sorry. I know it's disgusting. But it was just too unbelievable not to post. Right??


Casey said...

OMG i am dying. this is too funny!!

EMILY said...

at least it was on the tile and not the rug! :)

Holland said...

reed just made me do it again and she peed on the couch. ugh.
in case anyone was wondering why we're doing this... she has a horrible rash from being on antibiotics for so long. the air helps it heal faster.

Coley said...

GROSS - I like pictures of the baby - not the baby's poop! (Holly, seriously?) How about you put her in a cloth diaper until the rash goes down? Better on the soft skin! Or - keep her in a bucket so she doesn't ruin the house to where I don't want to come over and sit anywhere :) Love you!

Holland said...

cloth diapers are actually worse for bad diaper rashes/yeast infections. they don't absorb as much as disposables. my couch is slip covered. lucky for me!

Lauren said...

high- larious! omg! also, random trick... i have heard that a flourescent light bulb held to the spot helps dry it out.

Mary Louis Quinn said...

We had to do that last week as well. Since Curran isn't mobile yet, I just put her top of a bunch of towels. But the urine soaked through 3 towels to the carpet, so I only let her "air out" that one time! :)

I finally called the dr and they called in some Nystatin ointment (antifungal for yeast) for the rash, and although I was skeptical, it worked great! If yall don't already have some, I would call the dr and see about getting some for Chappell.

Holland said...

ahhhh, nystatin. we are currently nystatin-it-up about 4 times a day. it's getting better, it's just taking a while! thanks for the towel advice. maybe i'll let her go bare bottom outside? ha

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