Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yo friends.
I must first apologize that the blog's been so sickly as of late.
I'm starting to feel as if someone up there doesn't like me... I'm hesitant to report that I'm currently sick again!
Last weekend, I had the stomach bug.
This weekend, I have some icky sort of cold/respiratory bug.
What the heck?
I'm never sick.

We are in P-cola right now for mi mama's birthday.
Don't worry, Ma, I won't tell what number.
You can relax.

Yesterday was a big day for Reed.
He "inherited" four guns from my grandfather. Once could say that Reed gets a little spoiled around here... being the only boy.
We then ventured over to Mike's Gun Shop on Highway 29 where R purchased yet another gun. Reed's gun count went from 1 to 6 yesterday. I'm a little nervous about this.
Where will all of these weapons go?
Will we have to buy some tacky Browning/Jim Beam/Dale Earnhardt gun safe?
Will hunting become a new weekend obsession?
Dang it.
As if golf isn't bad enough.
I'm only kidding. But I better get to come along once in a while.

This one's quite nice... even goes with our beach motif. Too bad it's sold!!
Sister Lyle arrives from Bangkok in a couple of hours. Wahoo!

This is the last of the sick posts. I think.
Time for some positive thinking.
I will be better tomorrow, and ready for my mom's birthday luncheon.
Pics to follow!


Reed said...

I sound like some gun freak. And I think I have played golf 3 times in the past year. I'm really burnin' up the links.

Holland said...

awwwwww, reeree. you just played golf today :)
love ya gun freak.

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