Monday, January 4, 2010

Random thoughts... Truly

It's funny how much can change in a year. Ya know?

I just took a shower - I do most of my "deep" thinking in the shower - and my mind kept twisting around all that has happened in 2009... and how much my perspective on life has changed.
Is that too heavy? It's just weird, my friends.

Well this isn't heavy... here are a few of my r-a-n-d-o-m thoughts from today...

1) Why does Chappell eat the lint off of our bath mat? It can't taste good. Could it?

2) My mom gave me a squeagy (sp?) for our shower. It's the most fun thing ever. After I'm done with my shower, I squeagy both the walls and the glass door. It's way cooler than doing your wind shield. I promise.
And yes, I am a neurotic FREAK! If you buy one... you'll become a freak like me, too. It's just too much fun.

3) Why does one "quick" trip to the outlets bring out the worst in me?
Would it be so bad if I took out a few tourists with my Volvo? Just once?
Get back to me on that.
*I should probably mention that I'm only kidding. If I ever happen to hit a tourist at the outlets, I want it to be known that it was an accident. Don't want this blog to end up as evidence or somethin'!

4) Why is it that whenever I'm feeling negative or mean (see #3), the lady in front of me in the drive thru @ Starbucks (yes, the one at the outets) decides to pay for my coffee.
I was floored by that one. Talk about guilt. Guilt for having those feelings of anger only moments earlier... towards her and the rest of the infuriating "traffic."
That one taught me a lesson for sure: CHILL OUT.
Talk about "pay it forward!"

5) Why is it spelled "drive thru" and not "drive through?" Corporate America... you can't just make up your own spelling for branding's sake.
Actually, I guess they can:

Well I guess that's all I've thought about today. I really thought I had more.

Poor Chappy is sick. Nothing too serious, just a bad cold. Her nose is faucet-like, and she is having some pretty restless sleep... that is (in turn) affecting my sleep. It's hard to know when you should or shouldn't enter (cue dramatic music) the baby's bedroom.
SO, I find myself listening to all of her sounds on the monitor... and tick tock goes the clock.
Hopefully Cha will feel better soon.
The kid's usually such a solid, healthy little thing and in the past 2 weeks, she's had ailments back to back. So sad.
I just know it (with my wonderful luck), we're going to end up taking her to the doctor... and then I'll really get it for giving her those antibiotics!

Once the kiddo's feeling up to it, I'm looking forward to taking her outside and getting some pretty winter pics with my new lens.
For now, however, I am signing off sans pictures.
I apologize. I know this was probably the lamest of lame... it is what it is.


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