Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Ear Infection

Poor Chappell has her first ear infection.
I think I mentioned her cold a few posts back, but I'm too lazy to check at the moment.
It never really went away, and Thursday will make two weeks of a faucet-like nose. Last night she woke up around 3 am crying her eyes out.
After that I knew something was wrong and made an appointment this morning.

Weird... there's actually something wrong this time. In true first-time-mother-like fashion, we've seen the pediatrician quite a bit over the past 13 months - you know, "just to make sure."
And yes, I was scolded once again for the whole antibiotics ordeal. Embarrassing. Thankfully Chappell's doctor is really nice and she kept it light...
Chaps started Augmentin (sp?) tonight, and the infection should clear up.


Anna Belle Wilder Norton said...

EWWW i remember augmentin. it used to be milky white with an orange flavor. maybe they have made it better tasting now!

Anonymous said...

Just a small tip...ear infections are usually preceded by lots of snot and a "cold" It took years for me to get a straight answer about why, and the basic info I got was that when there is fluid in your ear canal and you get a cold, it squeezes the canal shut (thats why your hearing get weird and u sound 'stuffy'), trapping bacteria and fluid and it can turn into an ear infection. My last kid had about 7 ear infections in a row-they wouldn't completely clear up bc his bro and him kept trading off-and they finally suggested ear tubes. Blessing!! It did the trick and he has barely had one since.

Since this is her first, and she is 1yo (really? I am in awe, how did you DO that? A whole year without sickness...) she is apparently not prone to them-so YAY for you!! You are doing something right with that child. Go Holland!

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