Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Pre Post... for a Big Bad Post

We had a great weekend in Reed's hometown, Ozark, AL.
Well, at least I had a great weekend.
Not so sure about poor ReeRee though.

While the hubs (and his dad) were running a small daycare with Chappy and her two cousins, I loaded up on some presssssh fabrics from Simply Unique.
I would devote an entire post to this place, but it's already been done.
SO, click here to read about how awesome Simply Unique is.
Thank you, Paula, for all of your help!

After our shopping adventure, it was time for a crash course in pleating and constructing bishop dresses.
Again, awesome for me, perhaps bad for Reed. He continued to watch the kiddos while I was learning away in the sweatshop.
Reed's mom, Emily, and her wonderful friend, Robin Wyatt (another talented sewing extraordinaire) were so sweet/generous/AWESOME to spend their Saturday teaching me.
Thank you both SO much!!

I had a blast.
In order to absorb allllllllll of the material, I took notes and photographed each step.
More on that, later... time for bed!

PS- Chappellina took two steps on Saturday. I'm very interested in how this walking thing will progress. I bet it won't be too long now...

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Allison & Michael Godwin said...

I am so excited for you that she is walking...but at the same time I am a little tired for you! She will be off and running in know time and you will miss last week!

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