Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!

* Warning, my brain is mush and I think this post is going to be all over the place.

Happy New Year friends!

We had a rather low key (& subsequently, awesome) New Year's Eve.
I'm so over the wild New Year's Eve scene these days.
Maybe it's just me... but I'm kind of sleepy at midnight. We've usually been asleep for two hours or so... pathetic, I know!
We went to Borago (in my opinion, one of the best restaurants here @ the beach) for dinner with some great friends.
Dinner was at 7:00, and we were home by 9 o'clock.
Again, awesomeness!
We would've been in bed by 9:30, but we made the mistake of turning on the TV... and were sucked into some show on ESPN about a guy and a flying car. Sounds silly... but you simply had to watch.
It was like watching a train wreck.

Even with the flying car, we were in bed by 11. Ahhh... lovely sleep.

Since we decided to stay in town kinda-last-minute, we were lucky to have my parents offer to babysit. There's no way we could've found a babysitter on NYE.
I still don't really have a babysitter here... and I'm rambing again!

Mom went above and beyond, & brought all of the groceries/supplies for New Years Day soooouuul food. Black eyed peas, collard greens, ham and corn bread.
I'm proud to report that we all ate enough to ensure good luck in 2010.


* I'm having serious trouble writing this post. This probably wasn't the best time to blog... but I'm not giving up, yet!

Since Thursday, we've cooked some delicious dinners, I finished smocking a dress, used my smocking pLeAtEr for the 1st time (!), spent time with a long lost friend, met other friends for lunch, had a family oyster date at Hurricane, cleaned/organized & had a Sinrod sista slumber party.
Good times.

By the way, this is a pleater:
I got one for Christmas.
And I love it! Even though, until today, I had no idea how to use the thing. Since I really want to master this whole smocking thing, a pleater was kind of a necessity -- since the beach doesn't have a sewing store where I could take things to be pleated.
Today (in an attempt to figure things out on my own), I cut out a pattern for 12 month bishop dress.
I successfully pleated the sleeves. That was easy enough.
Then I couldn't figure out if I was matching the sleeve openings correctly, so I decided to put that project on hold. I'm such a chicken. I get so freaked out I'm going to mess things up beyond repair.
But, alas! I am in luck!
We are going to Ozark this weekend, so I'm hoping my seamstress-extraordinaire-mother-in-law (Emily) won't mind giving me some guidance!
I still have SO much to learn. And it's sort of overwhelming.

* I think I'm too tired to go on...

But I had one last thing I wanted to share.
Soap box and a drrrrrrruuuummmmm roll, please??

Reed rented a pretty incredible DVD this weekend. We watched it with my sisters last night... It's called The Cove.
Rent it.
It's a documentary about Richard O'Barry (former Flipper dolphin trainer-turned-activist) and his efforts to stop the Japanese from killing an estimated 23,000 dolphins annually.
O'Barry and his team expose the killings by planting hidden cameras in the remote coves of Tajii, Japan. O'Barry also explains in great detail why dolphins should not be kept in captivity. I know that might sound a little extreme, but after hearing why - it makes perfect sense.
It's obvious that killing these dolphins for meat is cruel. Dolphins are self aware, thoughtful and intelligent marine mammals.
But here's the real kicker... even if you don't think killing dolphins is cruel... more than likely, you'll find fault with this:
The Japanese government is allowing fisheries to sell this meat to citizens-- serving dolphin in school lunch programs... when the mercury content is 2,000 times the legal level.

I can't get this movie out of my head!
Watch it.

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