Thursday, January 14, 2010

Augmentin. Wow.

Skip this post if you are not a mom.
You won't like it. I promise.

And to all of you madres out there:
Please give me some feedback if you have any advice. Even if you found this blog from one of your friend's blogs... and you feel weird for reading, I'm probably reading yours too. So comment away!

And here is some advice for you(!):
If you doctor ever recommends that you give your child Augmentin... kindly ask (ummm, urge) them to pick another antibiotic.
Holy mess.
Mess, literally.

Our ped warned me that the antibiotic would likely cause diarrhea. I laughed.
Diarrhea? Chappell? No way.
I figured it would regulate the poor child for once. Sorry, I know that's gross. But if you're still reading this blog, you've likely seen worse.

I've changed Chappell's crib three times.
We've had 4 to 5 big diaper blow outs. I can't remember exactly how many to be quite honest.
I've been giving her yogurt...
I've been forcing Pedialyte all day...
We are doing the BRAT diet...
And I just gave her probiotics (powdered form)...
We'll see if that helps.

I just had to vent.

OK. I'm done.
Just had to get that out.


Mary Louis Quinn said...

Augmentin is known to give adults bad diarrhea, so I can only imagine what it does to children! Poor Chappell! My sister was put on it a few weeks ago and it made her so ill! Call the doctor and have them switch her to another don't want her to get dehydrated (even though it sounds like you are already doing great to prevent that). There are plenty others to choose from that have similar efficacy. I will remember this for when Curran has to be put on an antibiotic for the first time.

Family Snodgrass said...

Oh, Holland. So sorry you're having to deal with this. We had the exact same reaction to Augmentin at our house. And I'm afraid it went on for weeks. Our ped said she was choosing Augmentin specifically because it was more effective for certain ear infections, so I just grinned and bore it. But it's no fun. Make sure you're putting on a lot of Desitin, too.

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Totally feel weird commenting bc I got your blog from a friend who reads a blog that she found yours on;) Confused? So am I! Anywho, I love your blog. So, sorry that Chappell isn't feeling well! I have a 21 month old boy whose name is Rutledge. We have only been on 1 antibiotic so far and it wasn't Augmentin, we were on amoxicillian. But, I understand how frustrating treating a dehydrated baby can be. Its a desperate feeling. I think your doing all the right things. The word ”dehydration" can certainly play tricks on a mamas mind. Its a panic word. Don't forget to count those wet diapers...if you can amid all that poo. Remember that applesauce is mostly water. I understand about forcing the pedialite. It didn't work for us, but pedilite popsicles did work for us. He would sit in our lap and work on that popsicle bc its different, tasty & refreshing. Wrap a papertowel around it & you'll have to push it up for her, but give those a try. As for yogurt, its not a binder for my child:( Yogurt makes the poo happen in our house. Bless Chappell's heart & yours too! I guess what I'm saying is don't worry about dehydration unless she is lethargic & her skin stays indented when you press it. Do the best you can!

Betty said...

I am Elizabeth Sullivan Snodgrasses Aunt. The best thing me Ped ever told me was "soft makes hard and hard makes soft" give her apple when when she is straining and banana when things are too loose. We also always gave something like pepto bismal when they took Augmentin.

Holland said...

Thank you all for your advice! I was going to try and stick it out, however, we've already had 2 episodes this morning. Can't be good for her and it's certainly not good for me!
Erin, you are so right about "dehydration" being a panic word! It scares me and stresses me out trying to prevent it from happening.
Thank you all, again! Any advice is good advice right now :)

QuadMom said...

Poor baby!! Omnicef is what gives my kiddos tummy blowouts. My almost 5yo son has been on Amoxicillin since birth (as a prophylaxis for his kidneys)and so everytime he gets an ear infection etc we have to go up a level automatically. And strangely Augmentin works for him, but not the Omnicef. But he is finally old enough to bribe and threaten, as I did last time he got a tummy virus "Hey Bud, you remember last time we went to the hospital, how you hated the IV in your arm? If you dont drink this bottle of gatorade we have to go back..." It sounds horrible, and cruel, I know-but it works!
Hopefully you can switch the meds for her and get her to stop with the bad diapers. Poor baby must be tuckered out! I put popsicles in a sippy cup and crush them up while the boys are watching, so they think its a treat. Good luck anyways, I hope she gets over it soon!

tamgoma said...

I bought augmentin and other meds online by, and the product works perfect for me. I kinda feel sorry for the poor child. Hope he's doing well now.

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