Monday, December 21, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

What is it about the Holidays that makes my bum double in size?  
I mean really... carbs, carbs everywhere.  The counters are covered with cookies and pound cake and chocolate galore. Ummm, speaking of chocolate... somebody better get this bag of Betty Weber toffee away from me... fast.
I've been here with the fam since Thursday.  Reed came over for the weekend and we attended our good friend Jamie's Tacky Christmas Sweater Party with BFF Cover.
It was lots O' fun.  I borrowed a bow from Chappell.  What a first!
Since then, Reed returned to SRB, worked a long Monday, and is now on the way back to Pensacola.  
Smith arrived and got sick.  
Now Chappell is sick.  
Motrin/Tylenol seems to be keeping the fever down for now. 
I feel like an idiot - I didn't see it coming.  And I always see it coming!  I constantly think she's sick when she's not.  GO figure.  
Smith woke up this morning and wasn't feeling well...  Chappy seemed kind of fussy/sleepy/irritable all day.  Just thought it was teething?  
Didn't even figure it out when she threw up all over me.  
Just to be safe... I decided to take her temp "just in case."  
Fever 101.9.

I got in a little trouble (kind of) with our Ped.  Hopefully she'll forgive me because I really like her!  
I started Chaps on antibiotics before I got the 'go ahead' because Smith tested positive for Strep.  
Our doc had prescribed antibiotics earlier this week for a runny nose that ended up disappearing on its own... so... I sort of... gave them to her... 
Long story short, Ped ended up telling me to keep going w/ the antibiotics.  
Think she just wanted to know first...?
Well how about calling me back before I go into frantic mode?  Ha.
I stand by my decision!  

Hopefully Chappy will be back to her fun lil' self by Christmas.
Here are a few pics of Chappellina in her Christmas dress made by Emmy.

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Anna Belle Wilder Norton said...

Oh my goodness is her hair getting blond? She looks older every day!

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