Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What can Chappy do?

As you can see, I am a little overdue on jotting down what Miss Chappy can do at the ripe old age of one.
Here we go my friends.

1) We decided to go cold turkey and drop bottles (for good) yesterday morning.
That kid amazes me. How did I get so lucky? She didn't even skip a beat. To think... I was so stressed out about it. She's taking milk out of a sippy cup and we're never going back.
Easy as pie.

2) Chappell isn't walking yet. She's still crawling around -fast as heck- mind you. She pulls up and lets go to use her hands for something other than holding on. She claps, plays with toys or just stands there independently for about 5-10ish seconds... still no first steps. I think it'll be another month or so, but my parents keep insisting that she's "close."
I can wait. I'm not looking forward to the falls.

3) Verbal/Communication skills...
She can say:
baba (well hopefully not anymore)
nanny (my dad)
has said "dooogeeeeeee" when playing with one of her dog car toys
"weeeeeeeeeed," we think for her daddy, Reed
shakes her head for no more
waves hello and goodbye
claps when excited
tries to sing to music (she is fascinated with music)
plays peek-a-boo (leads/follows)
She is absolutely hilarious and all things wonderful.

4) ChaCha is still sleeping from 7:20 pm to about 7:30-7:45 am.

5) Has four teeth and is cutting two more on top.

6) Eats lots of baby food and lots of table food. Chappell loves (pretty much) any chicken you can make. Loves chinese food. She loves meatloaf. Chaps will basically eat anything that I eat. Including olives and hearts of palm. Must be my baby, huh?
I haven't found any foods that she dislikes... yet.
She also loves her some H2O.

7) Chaps is wearing 12 - 18 month clothes. Some are too big and some are too small. Just depends on the brand I suppose...

8) Her favorite toys are:
Sophie the giraffe
Her new Fisher Price flip phone
Elmo & Cookie Monster dolls
She hasn't had a chance to play with all of her new birthday presents, so I'm sure we'll have some new favorites as soon as she gets home to her toys!
*She's already in Pcola and her favorite toys there are the dogs... poor Trixie & Truffles.
Changing gears. I'm a little worn out today. Yesterday we went to Tallahassee for Reed's firm Christmas party. Reed hadn't been feeling well all day, but decided to tough it out and we went anyway. We lasted about 30 minutes at the party and hitched a ride back to our hotel.
Poor thing.
I ordered him wonton soup from a nearby Chinese restaurant.
Not exactly the fun ( & romantic?) night we envisioned... but I got to have chicken lo mein in bed...
Poor Reed had to stay home sick today, too.

Tomorrow I'm off to Pcola for Christmas. Reed will join us Friday.
Can't wait to see my babe!!

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