Monday, December 7, 2009

I cannot wait...

for this weekend!

My mom came in town to decorate the beach house for Chappell's birthday party-- and as always, she went a little over the top.
*See picture below to see what I mean. The cake is a present from mi mama.

"Tacky Christmas" | "Santa @ the Beach" is our theme...
Think we nailed it!

I just want to say, there's no way this weekend would be possible without both of our moms. They have both been so helpful in the planning process.
My mom's the decorator and Reed's mother, Emily, is making a ton of delicious food.
I'm so excited. So is Chappy. I can tell.

Have I mentioned that my little baby will be ONE on Wednesday? heh. Perhaps.
It's kind of sad... but...
I get over it pretty quickly whenever she does something hilarious (which is often), like dance to the Bama fight song or give me a high five.
Newborns aren't nearly as much fun!

Wednesday we're going to have our own little family party at home. We're gonna keep it simple.

By the way... you know what a birthday means... a detailed post alllllll about Chappy's development and milestones! Sound fun?
If not, skip my blog on Wednesday.

Night Night.

*Not the actual cake in the picture. Only a photo of what it should look like. I promise we won't be serving rotten cake at the party.
**Photo of cake courtesy of Betty Webber of Pensacola, FL. She makes the best cake I've ever tasted... and I'm sure many would say the same!


Kelly said...

The first birthday is such an awesome milestone! Don't worry about being sad. I cried the entire morning of her first birthday but got my party pants on for the party! I hope yall have a wonderful and memorable time! Anna Reese says "happy birthday chappell!!"

Casey said...

I love the cake!!! That is awesome!!

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